Thursday, May 27, 2010

Umbrella Stroller Makeover

I am doing a makeover on one of the strollers that I got from the store here in town for about $15. I know I can buy a brand new one at Walmart for that price, but I figured I just go ahead and buy it anyway because the ones at Walmart does not have the canopy and the seat is not reclined, plus this stroller has a bag on the back to put some stuff. I researched online and you can buy one like this for about $20, so I figured this was a good buy. The stroller is still in pretty good shape, but I wanted to makeover it and put something soft and cushion-y on the seat. The fabric on this makeover that I used was fleece fabric so it is soft for my little man to sit on. And as you can see, my little boy is lying on the floor crying and frustrated because he wanted to take his favorite stroller outside, but he can't quite maneuver it.

From Car Theme....

To Mickey Mouse theme!

This time, the new lining has a batting for a more soft and cushioned feel so my little boy will be comfy while sitting in his stroller and strolling away.

It has a bag on the back for storage. Love it!

As you can see I tied it up on the top part because when I first tested it with Harley sitting on it, the lining was not in place as my little boy moves, so I decided to tie it up so it will hold in place. This was an easy project and I am sure that you too can do it if you want to makeover an old stroller. Just put a new lining on with fun and colorful printed fabrics and even add ruffles for your girls stroller.

It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. you are a really one talented Mama girl hehehehe...

  2. oh my dear mami Adin! what else can I say? You are a truly sewtastic mama....very impressive! great job great job....ehehehe!


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