Sunday, November 7, 2010

Cookbook Pages Wallpaper

Part of doing the repainting in the kitchen is to do something with those two walls in the kitchen. I didn't want to go with just painting the entire walls so I thought of putting bead board which I really love the looks of it. But for some reason, we were having a hard time looking for some bead board around our area, so my wall project had been put to hold for a while, until one day I remembered that episode on Decorating Cents where a designer used book pages as wallpaper. When I thought of that, I told my husband about the idea and asked him if he has some really old books that we can use as wallpaper and he thought it was just a neat thing to do. Good thing I got an approval from the husband.

The materials needed for this project are an old book, Mod Podge and brush. I already have the old book, but I don't have the Mod Podge and brushes so we went to Hobby Lobby and purchased some of the materials needed. Since I used those foam brushes, I went ahead and purchased a whole bunch of those for about $5 at the same store. You're going to need a lot of those foam brushes if you prefer to use it. When I was done with both walls, I used about 2 1/2 bottles of Mod Podge, so if you are planning on doing your book pages wallpaper, I suggest you buy quite a few of those, depending on the walls you are going to work on. Just make an estimate on how much you're going to need.

I prefer to use old books because it already has that color and the texture to it and you don't need to do much work on it, just paste it on the wall, wait for it to dry and enjoy your hard work later on. Mine came out not that smooth, which is actually fine because it adds up more interest and an old look to it. You don't really have to be perfect on this project, just enjoy it and have fun. My husband was like "if ever you are looking for some recipes, all you have to do is just look at the wall. Awesome!" I am sure glad he likes it! The thing about this project is that it doesn't cost much as the wallpaper that you buy from the store, which can be very pricey. For this project, it costs me below $30 for the foam brushes and Mod Podge. Hey, you can't beat that!

Here is my creation! I am so thrilled about it and can't get enough of how awesome it turned out. I will later show you the finished project once I get both walls done. I guess it is meant to be this way than using the bead board. I hope I inspire you somehow with this post! Enjoy!


  1. I agree with you Adin, it doesn't cost much and it looks great. What a great idea using old books. You are so creative and I admire your work. Thanks for sharing. I learn something today.

  2. Clever idea! I love the outcome!

  3. thats a brilliant idea mommy adin. no need to pull out the recipe because it just right ion front of you heheheh. very indigenous

  4. waaaa...very creative kau ka mamiAdin...I love watching that show....:)

    very neat and organize pa jud....:)


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