Sunday, November 7, 2010

Mommy and Me Monday: At The Blankenship Farm

It's glad to be back and be able to participate the Mommy and Me Monday Meme again. Woho! Here is my entry!

Every time we get the chance to go to the farm, we are always excited to go just to be out there in a quite and peaceful place, to relax and just have a family time. The farm is just so beautiful in Autumn and all the leaves are changing into these beautiful and golden colors, then there's the cool weather, you will see the beautiful Neosho river, lots of wildlife and no more bugs or insects that will get you. Just what we love! We are just blessed to have this beautiful piece of property that we can visit any time we want too and just enjoy what nature has to offer. I hope it's okay to share some of the photos taken at the farm and to show you how beautiful it is out there. By the way, this photo of me and my little B was also taken at the farm.

The Neosho river and that's my man in the picture!

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  1. Mommy adin kadako man d i sa inyong farm uy. big naman si Hf nimu


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