Thursday, November 11, 2010

I Spray Painted It!

Well, my shoes that is! Yes, I wanted to spray paint my old shoes after I saw this. I had these shoes for like four years now and I bought it at a secondhand store for about $4. They're just so comfy to wear and since I bought it, I have been wearing them a lot. The only thing I don't like is that it's getting old and I wanted to have a fresh new look to my good ole' shoes, so I did the shoe spray painting and it works for me! Click on the link above for the tutorial. I would have done my own tutorial, but I figured that there are many tutes going around the blog world already that I will just give you the links to the sites where I found it. Thanks to Kathleen of Grosgrain for such a clever idea.

What is my son's photo has to do with this post? Well, it was the same time I was spray painting my shoes and my son was also busy doing something else. He found the petroleum jelly and started rubbing it on his head like it was a pomade. Kids will be kids! So silly!

(My old shoes for $4)

Waiting to be spray painted. Make sure that you taped it well to avoid the paint to leak on the sole of your shoes, not unless you want the whole thing spray painted. I guess you can do that if you prefer. The only thing I did not do was that I didn't coat it with polyurethane to avoid cracking or fading, but so far it's good and I have not seen any problems yet. I love it because it's like getting a new pair of shoes without literally having to buy a new one. The paint is called sun yellow and if you have noticed, I have a lot of yellow around my house, that's because I am into yellow craze right now. I love me some yellow!

It was a bit sprinkle-y (is that even a word) today and chilly so mommy had to dress up warm. The shorts by the way is a Jordache Vintage cut off shorts that I got from the rummage sale for around 50 cents. Awesome!

I hope you like it! Have a great night, everyone!


  1. aww nice i didnt know you were pecan famers... that is so nice.. my husband was raised in vt and they had 88 acres of maple trees that they harvest for syrup. the land is still with his mom and aunts.
    love the shoes. i love yellow too thats why i ordered my jeep in yellow :) i want to get the kitchen aid mixer in yellow too..its nice and bright and cheerful

  2. Oh boy! Yellow jeep and yellow mixer? Oh my goodness! Love it! :) I gotta get me a stand mixer my golly. :) Anyway, yes my husband's grandfather bought the farm 53 or so years ago. Hopefully our son will take over someday.

    Hmmm.. maple syrup! Yummy! It must have been and interesting time harvesting some syrup. We do love to go to our farm and pick pecans or just go to the gravel bar and play. hehehe.. :)Thanks for stopping by, Vikki! :)

  3. Wow na wow Din. You're very creative talaga. Ang ganda ng result sa shoe painting mo. Just keep on going my friend.

  4. Very, very creative, got to follow you and more ideas please. Visiting.

  5. ayay! wala na jud ko ma SAY...hehhehee...super talented kau ang mother...pretty model pa jud...ehehhee!


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