Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Our Little Pecan Picker

Before I hit the sack, and head my way to dreamland, I would like to share some photos of my family at the farm this pecan picking season. We are so blessed and thankful that we have a beautiful and productive farm to enjoy, and every year during the fall season, we look forward to picking pecans again. We do have a farmer that harvests the pecans for us, but we like to pick some of them for our own consumption, to give to our friends and some to sell. We have both the native and the grafted pecans and we just love it! That's why every chance we get, we go to the farm and we either pick pecans or just enjoy our time being out there. It's an ever changing place because in every season you can always find something to do out there.

(Harley the new pecan picker)

Picking pecans is something that my husband's family has been doing for so many years. Back in the day when they didn't have all those fancy equipment, they would pick pecans by hands. That was a lot of work back in the days. Tim's (my husband) grandma and mom where really like the pecan pickers of the family, so now we pick pecans also because it's like a family tradition and we want Harley to love the farm and hopefully take over someday.

He was being so silly because he would pick pecans out of dadda's bucket and put it into his bucket. He thought that was really funny.

The father and son pecan picking contest. How cute! Have a good night, everyone!

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  1. hahhaha...silly little peanut...hahahha! what a cutie....:)

    agoy next time pag gloves!


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