Monday, October 28, 2013

Family Time: An Afternoon Hike With The Kids

For our little family, weekend is usually our family time. And this time, we had another beautiful weekend weather-wise and experience-wise. We attended a school party Saturday night and the kids had a blast that it wore them out and they were ready for bed when we came home. Yesterday, Sunday, the weather was beautiful and it was perfect for an afternoon hike. My husband found a place where we could hike and we didn't have to travel far to get to a trail because it was right in our backyard. We drove by the Glendo Lake yesterday and headed to some bike trails for an afternoon hike with the kids.

Glendo Lake and Laramie Peak in the background. 
 photo IMG_2064_zps977dce46.jpg

 photo IMG_2060_zps3be1da6c.jpg

 photo IMG_2067_zpsad97a8ee.jpg

Thank you, my dear son for the photo. 
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 photo IMG_2069_zps93ca1c28.jpg

 photo IMG_2066_zpsf9fb759a.jpg

I was kind of bummed out though on our first hike because I forgot to change the camera batteries and didn't bring a spare. Big mistake! Always bring a camera with you when you go on a hike. Always! And make sure the batteries are fully charged and bring a spare. I missed some really cute shots of my kids, but at least we have it saved in our own memory. We never really thought this trail would turn out to be interesting and beautiful, but it was. This wasn't really a planned trip, but part of us moving here to Wyoming was to explore new places and do a lot of hiking so we did. Because of this, Piggyback Rider is on my Christmas List. 

What a gorgeous view you will have once you go to the Tin Can trail. Yes, it is a bike trail, but you can go by foot. The first bike trail we headed was the Tin Can, which was overlooking the gorgeous view of the Glendo lake and you will see the Laramie Peak in the background. 

After our first trail, we decided to go to another one and we headed to the Barrel Roll. We didn't get too far because it was already getting dark and the temperature started to drop. I got to take photos on our second hike and here are some of them. 

 photo IMG_2065_zps6d2e4882.jpg

 photo IMG_2077_zps7724901a.jpg

 photo IMG_2079_zps94c07616.jpg

 photo IMG_2080_zpse26fd078.jpg

 photo IMG_2083_zpsbd5a37f5.jpg

 photo IMG_2082_zps23fe3e83.jpg

 photo IMG_2085_zpsad6e1f45.jpg

 photo IMG_2090_zps6bae2c7e.jpg

 photo IMG_2088_zps41370324.jpg

This afternoon hike wasn't like the Harney Peak, the Cloud Peak Wilderness trail, or the Medicine Bow trail hike that we did, but it was my favorite so far. Why? This was the time where my little man and I had a heart to heart talk. See, he is a five-year old boy, but he can be deep. On our way back to the Jeep from our first trail, he and I were walking together while dadda and baby sister were right behind us. My little man and I were holding hands and this is what our conversation was like.

Little man HF: Mama, you want to run up the hill with me? 
Mama: Yes, I would love to. (I guess he noticed I wasn't huffing and puffing on this hike so he challenged me) Son, you are a good running buddy.
Little man HF: I know! You are too, mama! Mama, you are my best friend. I love you! Dadda and baby sister are best friends and you and I are best friends. Will you sleep with me every night? I want to stay with you. (Melted my heart)
Mama: Yes, sweetie. You and I are best of friends and I love you, too! And yes, I will be with you tonight while you sleep and I love having you with me. You are the best son, ever! Sometimes, mama gets grumpy, but that doesn't mean I don't love you because I do no matter what. 
Little man HF: Mama, when you get grumpy, remember what I said. Okay? 

 photo IMG_2075_zpsca48bc89.jpg

This conversation went on even on our second trail hike with matching holding hands. He won't let go of me because he said we are best friends and I must go wherever he goes. This type of moment makes hiking with your kids worth it. It isn't really all about the destination and how far you can go, but it is about spending some quality time with kids and get in touch with nature. Somehow, being outdoors brings out the best in you and I am glad I was there to hold his hands and to hear him say those sweet words. I love you my dear son! And you too my little girl and dadda! 

After a few hours of hiking with the kids, we went back home, the kids took a nice warm bath, dressed them up into some warm comfy clothes, hung out on the couch with mommy and daddy and we watched a movie "Starman." Thank you Dear God for the beautiful weekend. We hope yours was a lovely one, too! Have a good Monday! 
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  1. this is great, a good place to hike with the family... thanks for sharing.

  2. BFF, he is such a sweetheart. It is really nice to have this blog where those sweet sentiments can be saved forever. Isn't he wise to know that when you are grouchy(I've never seen you that way) thinking about him as your best friend will put a smile on your face? Harley is a wonderful person.
    Loved the whole blog and the photos. Do you think that those elevated logs placed in a path were meant to be ridden with bicycles? That would certainly take a lot of skill. Beautiful area and lucky to have it close to home.

    1. We were glad we didn't have to drive that far to go for a hike. It was beautiful yesterday and glad we went. Harley's not a perfect kid, but he sure is a sweet man. He can be rough sometimes and can be frustrating, but he is a sensitive one. I didn't think he would say those words yesterday and glad we went on that walk. It melted my heart. What a sweet boy. I miss him everyday when he goes to school. Selby misses him too and she can even say Harley now. :) Cute!

    2. Thank you, auntie Covina!

  3. Wow what a gorgeous view that sky looks amazing! I love the look of the area you were walking as well looks so interesting :) x

  4. What a beautiful place to hike and enjoy nature and quality time with your family.

  5. Oh my, another wonderful outdoor bonding for you guys. I am quite envy hehehe. It is so cold here now in our area.

  6. What a beautiful hike and what an awesome conversation with your son, that was too sweet of him! How adorable!

  7. I love being outdoors with the kids. No interruptions, just family time. What a beautiful day you had with your family! Sorry your camera battery was not charged.

  8. gorgeous place and a beautiful hike thank you for taking me along

  9. What indeed a good place for hiking, i like it when family went for an adventures, kids would also love the mysteries they find on their way...that is one great picture and thanks for sharing.

  10. This almost look like the place where you used to live, nature and all.

  11. Your little troopers seems to be a tough competitor to survivors hehehe. Love your family adventures.

  12. This seems like such a beautiful place to walk. It is journeys like this that will help people create memories that will last forever.

  13. you guys are truly unstoppable adventurers..always on the go! awesome views..and what a great idea for family bonding...thanks for dropping by mami!

  14. You always hike your way into nice places! It's a bummer to run out of batteries just when you have something nice to take photos of.


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