Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rummage Find: MuuMuu Dress & Hippy-ish

Tonight I asked my husband what he thinks about the dress and he said it looks kind of hippy-ish and he said the dress doesn't really look that good. Ouch!!! That's the reason I included the hippy-ish word in the title and muumuu dress because when I first bought it, it was just so huge and unattractive. Here's how I turned this rummage sale find dress into something like this. What do you think?

(Wearing it without a belt)

I like the design on this dress.

Pair it with a jacket for chilly days. By the way, that jacket is also a rummage sale find.

(Sort of the before photo)

This was not really the before look of the dress and sorry I didn't have a photo, but it was more like a humongous muumuu dress that was not attractive at all. I found this dress at a rummage sale and thought that I might be able to refashion it and turn it into something nice. The dress was so big that I shortened it, but I didn't want to cut out the bottom part of the dress because of the details and thought it was worth saving. So what I did was I cut off on the waist part of the dress to shorten it and sewed it back together, then I followed Grosgrain's tutorial on how to do the shirring effect and used it on this dress. It was so easy and you should try it. Let me know what you think? It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. love it momi a!
    i will definitely give it a try when i get a chance. it was a beautiful transformation!

  2. Thanks girl Jacy! Dali ra jud sya and perfect for those loose na mga clothes. Your welcome girl Jacy! I am sure you can do it. :)

  3. I love how you refashioned it! Great outcome.

  4. Oh my God! That was beautiful dress... oh men I still don't have time to sew :(

    I love it! thanks for sharing Adin

  5. oh i love it... but i LOVE LOVE LOVE hippy stuff.... you look great in it... i just placed her rachael ray order with all her bakinh stuff. i know she will love it. oh we went to the sand dunes about 2 years ago... loved it. i might have to make a trip there just to play with my jeep. how are you liking yours? i hope i get it sooner than feb but ive waiting over 10 years so a few months isnt that bad.

  6. ayay! pagka hotty sa model woi...you rock that dress mamiAdin....as in! to the highest level....:) I like it a lot....kudos to your impressive talent....:)

    lov'n the bangs...ehehhee!

  7. oh i have pics when we went up to the sand dunes yes...ok so the boys went up all the say i have to post some pics on here i must have had them on my old blog. we also hiked up in zapata falls just about 10 min from teh sand dunes camping site. did you make it to 4 corners and the cliff dwellings?
    i bought them at kohls with free shipping and i used my coupon code "holidaygift" for 30% off its extra nice for shipping because she is in alaska. i think u might need to have kohls card to use it but i dont know. we get coupons all the time for them. i wait until i get the 30% off ones to shop :) i got her yellow and orange ...i know shes going to love them

  8. that's so pretty.. i wish i know how to sew and maybe alter some of my old dress to look new..


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