Sunday, November 7, 2010

My Little Boy's Winter Hat

(Harley's sitting on Spink girl while munching on that choco. So cute!)

Happy Monday and Good Morning, Everyone! I hope you had a great weekend. Today I am sharing you something that I thought was so cute and perfect for the cold weather that when I came across with this tutorial I wanted to make one for my little boy even though he hates hat. Well, only when it is bike riding time, then he would wear a hat and sunglasses so he can go with mommy and daddy on a ride. Clever, huh! Anyway, if you have not heard or visited Christine's From An Igloo blog, she has tons of great ideas and tutorials that will inspire you to sew and create something amazing. She is so kind enough that she shared it to everybody her winter hat pattern, and since I am a copycat, I went ahead and printed out the pattern and started sewing my own winter hat for my little boy Harley. Although I did not have some fleece, I was able to use some of my left over flannel fabrics and got to sewing. It was still warm enough and thick enough to protect my little muffin's head. I made a little bit of mistake though and I think you will be able to tell it, but at least now I know what to do next time since I am planning on making more for my Christmas gifts along with some cute little scarves to go with it. Yes! I am thinking of making more of these because I think they are just too cute not to make them as my Christmas gifts. Don't you think? Thank you so much to Christine of From An Igloo for sharing this idea. If you want to know the steps on making this winter hat, click here to see Christine's tutorial. I hope you likey!

It seems like a  candy works really well when you want your kid to sit still. Thank you son for the photos! He found one of the candies from Halloween Trick or Treating and he was so excited about it. He does not get to have candy that often, so he was really happy. I think my hat turned out okay for my first try. One hat down and more to go! It's Sewtastic, Mama!


  1. I love your blog,Following from the blog-hop. I'm your newest follower. Please take time to follow me back, thanks. And enter my 6 giveaways!

  2. I can't really pinpoint what's wrong with the winter hat. It looks perfect to me. And I love the photo as well.

  3. awwwwww...that is too cute mamiAdin....I like it....:) sos ka dako naman tawon ni Harley woi...ka cute....:)

    btw, salamat sa dalaw ug comments....glad to be here again!

  4. Oh it is so cute! You did a great job!

  5. It turned out so cute! My little guy just asked "Is dat me?" lol

    From An Igloo

  6. Hi there Christine! Thank you so much for stopping by. Your son was e was wondering why this little boy's wearing the same hat. LOL! So cute. Thanks for sharing again!

    Adin b

  7. oh my that is just sooo cute!!! love it so much. u always do such a great job. nice to see you back blogging. i also love your wallpaper! it looks wondeful!


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