Thursday, December 16, 2010

From Old Clothes Scarf

We are now 9 days before Christmas and I am getting excited and sad at the same time. I wish my mom and dad are here to celebrate this holiday. Instead, they are thousands of miles away, halfway around the world, in the Philippines. So to all of you, Have A Merry Christmas and a Wonderful New Year! I hope you get to spend it with your family and friends.

Anyway, I was a little busy today doing a lot of things, but I managed to whip up something really quick. It's a scarf made out of old clothes. I wish I came up with this idea, but did not so I am going to share you this tutorial that I used from Susan of Living With Punks. If you have not heard or visited Susan before, she's got some amazing and interesting things that you should check out. Thank you so much for sharing this clever idea! It is another way of getting rid of those old clothes or even scraps. Recycle them and put them to good use. It is also perfect to make as Christmas gift for someone you love if you are still thinking of what to buy for holiday gifts. In this way, it is very inexpensive and made with love. So here is my own scarf and I am off to make few of these and some hats.

My little model didn't feel like posing for the camera, so I have the dress form rocking the scarf for you.


  1. what a clever idea! now I need to find time to start sewing again:)

  2. wow! how cool is that...I love it....:)

    great job mamiAdin....:)


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