Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nostalgia Thursday: Labette Idol- 2007

I am not so sure if video is allowed in Nostalgic Thursday, but I hope it is because I am going to take you back in the year 2007- Labette Idol. This was in Parsons, Kansas Theatre during the Labette Idol singing contest. I was feeling really good that night, I love my song, and I had a great time performing and I won second place for the adult category. Yaye! What I night that was. I even got more excited when I saw my photo on the newspaper the next day.

The reason I chose to share this to you because I have not been singing/performing lately and I kind of miss it. I have not been practicing either and I can tell I am getting very rusty. Watching my videos, it keeps me more inspired to keep on singing even just at home and having my little boy as my one and only audience. The song that I chose was Martina McBride's Happy Girl. I hope you like my entry today!

I am not the best singer of all, but I can sing. I have no professional voice lesson or anything like that at all.

My ever supportive husband and my number one fan. Have a great day!


  1. It's a pity that my connection is too slow to watch the video.

    Second place is a great accomplishment...
    Are you still interested to be a singer one day? You looks so pretty...

    Thanks for your visit and comment:)

  2. Girl ang galing mo, I will surely going to watch the video tomorrow in my other computer im using the mini laptop and it has a very slow connection

  3. Wahhhhooooooo, bonga ang voice mo sistah hehehe... I can sing but I can't perform in front of the audience lol...

    Congratulations! Am sure your hubbydubs was very proud of you..

    BTW sis yung other blog mo ba don't exist anymore, tried to visit it but it doesn't exist na daw..

  4. hey, what a voice! you should keep on singing.;)

  5. wow you were amazing!!!! congrats on 2nd!!! I'm so happy for you. blessing to you and your family :)

  6. Wow Inday adin dami mong talen? Small but terrible ka what a package. Very impressive! As in bow ako sayo adin

    you may view mine; No Place Like Home

  7. awwwwwwwww....I remember this video...murag mao ni akong nakita before we met...I was so impressed hearing your voice when I first saw it....great job mamiAdin...Harley was too small at that time....time goes by real fast!

    congratulations again...mau paka kay na published paka sa newspaper...ehehehe@

  8. awwwwwwwwwww galing mo! Congrats!!

  9. Wow mommy! Dugay na sya nga post but will would like to still Congratulate you :) I love your voice! I didn't know about the singer but I like the lyrics :D

    1. Mommy Mel, agoy salamat tawn kaayo oi... Oo dugay na ni sexy pa ko diriang panahuna.. LOL! :) Martina's one of my faves. :)

  10. That is such a great video. Your voice and stage presence are amazing. We are so proud of you and very happy that you have passed along your singing voice to Harley and Selby.


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