Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Little Bit About Me

I hope you have a great weekend! Not much going on here today since it is windy outside and just not the best day to be out. We went to the farm this afternoon, drove around for a little bit and came home. Now I feel like sitting in the couch eat some barley soup while watching blue's clues with my little guy and my husband Tim. Before I go, I want to share you a song that I like to sing by Shakira called Gypsy. Just something to brighten up the rest of your day, hopefully!

My own version of Gypsy. I am not a good singer, but I can sing. Hope you like it!

Say, MILK!!!


  1. aguy kadago sa camera ni HF mommy adin

  2. hahaha.. dako pa sa nawong ni baby ang cam mommy Shy.

  3. Milk lol, pro na pro ang camera hehehe.

  4. hehhehehe....ka cute....I like that song....:) I would like to hear you singing!

  5. Thanks guys! Thanks pod mommy Dhemz! hahaha... kana naa sa igbaw akoa kunohay na version sa Gypsy na song.. apil2x pod kadali akoa anak tawn. hehehe... katawaa kaha nya ni kanta ko.. :) hehehe.. salamat!


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