Thursday, December 9, 2010

Rummage Find: Crocheted Vest & Hat

I hope you are not tired yet of hearing all of my rummage finds because I am about to share you again another rummage sale treasure that I got last month.This time I have two items to share with you and they are the crocheted vest and a knit hat.

When I bought this vest it was still in perfect condition, no stains, no wear and tear and it looks like it has not been worn at all. I was super excited to have it and I think I have about two or three of them in different colors all from the rummage sale. Best deal in town! Since today is so windy and it makes it even chillier, that I thought I would wear something to keep me warm, and something that is comfy and casual at the same time while we were out to the store with my little boy. The style inspiration comes from this lovely sweater from Anthropologie that I know I am never going to have one, so why not recreate almost the same look with what I already have in my closet.

Crocheted Vest

This is how I styled it. I grabbed my old sweater car coat that I bought from Target like three years ago and then I layered the crocheted vest over the sweater, and it almost looks like the Anthropologie sweater except mine has a belt. I just wish I had the sweater in cream color though, but I don't have one so I will stick with what I got. I also put on the knit hat from the rummage sale since it is so windy today and I didn't feel like messing with my hair, so the hat is the solution. For the two items, I spent about $1.25. Amazing, right!

Today is just a windy day so after my little boy and I went to the grocery store, we were not going to stay outside until the wind dies down. So I took some quick shots just to show what I did to my rummage finds. Hope you like!

Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Ganda, I see that you've been busy as well. Ako pud oist hehehhe. Making bags for the teachers na pud.

  2. hahaha.. preha ta ani.. busy ko ug pang alter sa akoa napalit na winter clothes then busy ug pamilo sa mga labhunon kay nagka pile na lang mura na ug bukid. hehehe.. maayo kay manahi pod diay ka for the teachers. I am going to make something para sa akoa Christmas giveaway kunohay. First time sa blog nako. hahaha.. ug naa mo apil. :)

  3. Im speechless ang ganda talaga


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