Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Simple Christmas Touches & Kitchen Update

This is our humble abode ready for the Christmas Holiday! We have some simple Christmas touches all throughout the house to keep us the spirit of Christmas. I hope you like the simplicity of it! Our Christmas tree is a simple one with decorations that are from my husband's childhood or from my mother-in-law, thrift store find ornaments, from the dollar store, and some handmade like the fabric birds. Although you won't be able to see it that clear, but those are the kinds of ornaments we have.

My lovely family

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

Also, I would like to share you some photos of the changes we have in our what used to be a cave like kitchen. I love the white and green combo in our kitchen this time as it feels bright and clean than what it used to look like. So I am really excited to get all the things I need for this kitchen to get it totally done. I know it is taking us so long, but I live in a small town far from the stores where I have the stuff I need. Oh well!

Here is my little Harley in his own little nook in the kitchen. This board I got from a rummage sale years ago and did not know what to do at that time since I didn't have a baby yet. But I know that sooner or later I am going to need it for something and now it is put to use. Glad I kept it!

To the right side as you can see are some pans and grocery bags hanging on the wall. I remember I saw this idea on a magazine (can't think of the name) and I thought it was such a pretty neat one that I want to do that in my own kitchen. For me it is easy to access all the pans and my husband don't have to keep asking me where I placed them. I pretty much dominate the kitchen area so he has no clue anymore as to where I place things. We purchased pegboards and lots of heavy duty hooks and screw the board on the wall. The back of it all houses my chopping boards and huge round plastic plates so I pretty much got another storage space. Awesome!



I apologize for my ugly looking pans. You can tell I cook a lot. These are just few of the pans I have and I need new ones to replace the old and ugly ones. I also use my fabric bags as storage for the lids so I know where there at, and the rest are my grocery shopping bags. I think this idea is so great especially if you have small space as it utilizes your floor to ceiling storage space.

Kitchen window. The shutter is from the rummage sale and it was attached to a huge window frame and all I needed was the shutters so took that off and save the frame for later project.

I have seen a lot of these paper wreaths so I decided to make one last night and this is how it turned out. It was so easy to make and pretty inexpensive as well. All I needed was my old cookbook pages that I used for my wallpaper project, then I formed them into long cones and tapes them onto a ring. The ring I used was from an embroidery ring that I got from rummage sale of course. I just taped all my cone papers all around the ring, then added a ribbon to hang it and voila! What do you think? I am thinking I need to make more of these to put around the house. Sorry about the bad lighting though. I am also on a hunt for some old signs to hang above the sink so wish me luck and hope to find some. Hopefully for free! That would be nice. If not, then maybe I should make one.

This is how our kitchen used to look like. Yucky!!!
I was thinking of ordering some kitchen back splash that I found online that is easy to assemble- just peel and stick, and I think it would make the kitchen look more fancier.

Thrift-ed Jars

The mirror is from a friend of mine that she no longer use so it was a freebie, thank you so much! The white jar is a thrift store find.

Some of the things that we have around our kitchen are rummage sale finds like that hanging basket, two glass containers with red lids, and liquid soap dispenser. I just love it when I find new things (well, new old things) that does not cost me a fortune. So here are few of the things we have going on in our little Blankenship nest. Enjoy!


  1. so pretty love the xmas card very much... all your projects turned out wonderful. its always fun looking at ur blog and getting ideas!

  2. Hey there Vikki! Good day to you. :) I am glad you like it. :)

    Adin B

  3. The home made laundry detergent will definitely save you money!
    You should go to my blog and look at the backsplash I did from Lowes. Just put backsplash in the search box...it should come up. :) I LOVE it and the whole thing cost a little over a hundred dollars. :)
    Have a great week!

  4. Hi there Missy! Thanks for stopping by. I saw your backsplash and that was originally what I wanted to have. I love your kitchen! I saw one that looks like yours on www.collectionsetc.com about $15 for all 14 tiles. I am not sure yet if that stuff works great or may not be worth the price. I will surely check the ones at the Lowe's. Thanks again!

    Adin B

  5. I like Harleys nook, very creative mommy adin parang classroom green board my cover pa hehehe

  6. wow! you've been very busy! nice kitchen! hmmm that give me an idea to redo our kitchen too... but busy man sa school huhuhu..ingit ako!

  7. Ate Nelds, I am sure you can do your kitchen makeover little at a time like what I did to ours. First, I made plans on what to do and then list all the things I need and needs to be done. Let me know if you need some help with ideas and stuff. Maybe i can help. Kung magkapitbahay lang tayo tinulungan na kita. hehehe... :)

  8. wow! what a lovely family...love love the family photo mamiAdin...:)

    awwww...kuyaw jud ka ug talent woi...as in...ehehehhe...very clever!


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