Saturday, January 22, 2011

Altered To Fit

Caught up with so many things lately that I don't know where to start. Never ending household chores, taking care of a 2-year old little boy, just so much things to do that it really got its tool on me. Sometimes, I want to write something on my blog, but then I just could not find words to say or could not even figure out how to start it. My mind is so overwhelmed that I needed a break to relax and have some "ME" time. So today, I am just going to share you some photos of me with clothes that I thrift-ed and altered to fit me. Hope you had a great weekend!

Vintage Black Shirtdress:
Thrift-ed for $1 (Altered to fit)

Deb's $5

JcPenny $18

Shoes: Target 

Grey Sweater:
Thrift-ed for $1 (Altered to fit)

Black Scarf: Leftover from the black shirtdress. I saved it to use as a scarf.
Black Jeans: Target for $24.99
Mossimo Cloche Hat in Purple: Target for $20ish
Rider Boots: Bastien Cabrice via on sale for $80


I was a little disappointed with my jeans when we went to Target and then didn't want to do the whole fitting thing so I grabbed my size thinking it will fit okay (which usually works for me), but then disappointed because the waist part was a bit big. What I did was I sewed on a little piece of black elastic band on the back of my jeans so it won't be too big. I didn't have time to return it so I altered it to fit. I will never do that ever again! Lesson learned. Always try your clothes on first before purchasing it and walking out of the store.

I did spend a little bit on my boots because I have always needed a good pair of winter boots that are waterproof and will last me for a long time. The other day it was snowing again so I put my new pair of boots to the test and it worked really well. It has a warm lining inside and my little toesies are warm and dry. The only setback is that I don't like the sole as it has no grip on it. Whenever I am on a smooth surface, I have to be very careful not to slip and fall. I wish they would put like a rubber or any kind of spike to the sole so it won't slip, but other than that it's a good pair of boots. These boots are meant for walking in the snow.

Hooded Wool Coat:
Thrift-ed and altered to fit. $1

I know you have seen me in some of my photos wearing this hooded coat, but this coat is from the rummage sale for another one dollar purchase. You might be wondering why most of my items are a dollar it is because at the church where I shop, they have the best deal in town. They have this $1 per bag on the second day of the rummage sale, so that is where I buy a lot of clothes, pack them in a grocery bag and I get to shop for a lot of clothes for less money. Everything that fits in a grocery bag costs a dollar. Awesome! I cannot wait for another spring rummage sale.

Hooded Denim Jacket:
thrift-ed for 50 cents

Blue Sweater: thrift-ed for 50 cents
Blue Pants: Gift
LL Bean Snow Boots: Gift

Of course, I cannot end this post without sharing you photos of my boys out in the snow. My little man HF is wearing a thrift-ed hooded denim jacket with a red plaid lining inside. So cute!

This is my wonderful husband feeding the sweet little pony who loves to eat dog food by the way. Isn't it adorable? I hope everyone will have a great week and thanks for stopping by! This is also my Mellow Yellow Monday Entry for the day. Enjoy!


  1. Wow you are really doing good in your sewing. And I love all your photos! Happy Monday!
    Street/Store signs

  2. Wow sis, pwede ka na sa Hollywood hehehe.. Pony, eating dog food? hat's something lol.

  3. Wonderful shots, does make fashion statement.

  4. you always do an amazing job on your thrift finds. i always love your photos too!

  5. Love all the outfits! fun post-- I am a sewing dunce so I'll check out your tutorials!

    Thanks for the visitt!

  6. Wow pwede nang model Ate, pasado na. :-)

  7. awwwwwwwwwww....prettylicious! you rock the shoes...I like it....:) ka nice sa mga outfit woi...tugnaw nuon ko ka kita sa snow ninyo diha..ehehehe!

  8. lovely photos!! It seems I'm not the only one who needs "me time"!

    take it easy.


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