Monday, January 24, 2011

The Messenger Bag Is On Its Way

After months of waiting to get the right bag hardware, I finally got to finish the messenger bag that a friend of mine ordered for her laptop. My goodness! I usually finish a bag for just few days and are able to ship it right away, but this time it has gotten way too long before I was able to finish it. We were not able to go out of town for a very long time so I did not get to shop for the things I need. I went online and was not able to find the right things I needed since they were all sold out. So next time we get out of town, it will be my stocking up time for more bag hardware or other materials I need just in case someone else is interested in ordering a customize bag from me. I hope!

Anyway, I was able to finished the bag and mailed in today so I hope it will get to her in time and that she will like it. If not, then I am toast! Crossing my fingers on that. I could share you some photos of the finished product, but then I kind of want to wait until she gets it and then I can share it you. So stay tuned and I'll show it to you the messenger bag for her laptop. Although I can show you a little sneak peak of the bag in the box, here we go!

Hope you like it, mommy Rach!


  1. I'm impressed of your creativity and resourcefulness.

    Blessings to you and your family. I enjoyed my visit today.

  2. wow! I can't wait...pila charge nimo mamiAdin..ehehehhe!


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