Saturday, January 8, 2011

DIY Scarf Hanger

Do you have some wire hangers laying around your house and don't know what to do with them, but throwing it away? Hold on because I have a way to recycle or reuse those irritating wire hangers. Well, I almost throw them away, but I know I can use it for something else and sure enough. You can use your wire hanger along with some embroidery hoops as your scarf hanger. Here's what to do.

You will need:

First, you need to use the duct tape to tape the hoops together. I used four small embroidery hoops. 

Next, you need to tape the hoops to the wire and secure. Don't worry about the duct tape looking so ugly because you won't be able to see it once you're done. Once your done taping the hoops together to the wire, you need your jute twine and wrap it all around the wire hanger and hoops to cover. You can actually use a ribbon for this or anything that you have on hand to wrap the wire and hoops together, then you won't be able to see the duct tape anymore. Your finished product will look like this!


You can also use it to hang your sunglasses or belts. One great way to organize your closet and to recycle wire hangers.

What do you think?

All in all, I spent about $1.48 for this project. Very inexpensive and an easy DIY. I got the embroidery hoops at the rummage sale in a box and there were a bunch of them for about 50cents, then I bought the jute twine for 98cents. If you buy it at the store, it could cost you for about $6 or more.


  1. Salamat mommy Rach! Tuod hapit na nako mahuman imoha bag. hehehe.. HOpefully this month mapadala na nako nimo. pastilan jud dugay kaayo. hehehe.. :) Good morning!

  2. I like this one;)

    have a lovely Sunday!

  3. nice and very creative adin b. hehehe

  4. wow! that's a fantastic idea mamiAdin...I like it! I might try doing it one day...thanks for sharing!


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