Sunday, January 9, 2011

Mommy & Me Monday: Harley In The Empty Pond

It's good to be joining the Monday Meme again, and I hope everyone had a great weekend! Ours turned out really well and was able to spend time with the family. Once again, it is Mommy & Me Monday and my entry for today was taken last month in our yard with my little boy playing in our empty pond. I hope it is okay to share you old photos for this meme because I have a really good reason for that. Well, we took some photos at the farm while helping my husband clean up a new pecan grove and then as I was transferring some photos to our computer, things went wrong and it did not save all our photos. Well thinking that it did, I went ahead and deleted all the photos that were in the camera (big mistake) and found out all the photos were not saved. Ugh! I will never let that happen again. Anyways what's done is done so I have to move on. LOL! Hope you like my first entry for the year 2011. Happy New Year!

I am a SAHM who takes care of a 2-yr. old very energetic boy who loves the outdoor. No matter what the weather is, he has to have some time to play outside with the dogs and just enjoy being a kid. So here he is!


  1. aie! sorry about your pics.
    anyway, moments with the kids outdoor boost my mood and just like you I go out with the gals even if it's cold:(

  2. ka luag sa inyong yard mamiAdin....:) that is good that HF is an outdoor kid...Akesha doesn't like to be outdoor...she's scared with!

  3. So sorry you lost your photos! But these are cute whether they are old or new. Great outdoor pictures of you and your little guy!

  4. Ouch, Ako naman dati with my old cam, nagfreeze sya kaya di ko madownload ang pic and t reset , I have to delete all of them.. Sux wahhh

  5. Oh, no. That stinks that you lost your pictures. Looks like it was fun playing in the empty pond.


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