Monday, January 31, 2011

Our Weekend At The Farm

I can't believe it is Monday again and time went by so fast. I hope you all had a great weekend and are safe and sound! As our weekend went, like as usual, we spent it at the farm working, spending some family time and pretty much spent the entire day out at the farm. Since it's the winter, it is actually perfect for working at the farm in terms of cleaning up the jungle-y area because there aren't any bugs, insects and snakes that will get you. So we took advantage of the time to go work and finish it before the summer's here. That would not be a pleasant type of weather to work outside. Although yesterday was a bit cold and windy, but that didn't stop us to spend the day outside. Originally, Tim was the only one at the farm, but then I kind of miss being outside so I decided to pack up some lunch and drove out to the farm with my little boy. Daddy Tim and the dogs were so happy to see us and I was sure glad I did because we got to spend some quality time together and enjoyed the peaceful and quiet farm. Anyway, I should stop yacking now and share you some photos (photo overload) that we took yesterday and it will show you how our weekend was like at the Blankenship. Hope you enjoy!

My little boy and Me (For my Mommy & Me Monday)

My little HF sitting on a cooler that we inherited from his grandparents. I love the color of this igloo cooler. Although it is an old one, but it works excellent!

(My entry for Mellow Yellow Monday- yellow cooler handle.)

Daddy was busy chopping off some nasty thorns and stickers at the pecan grove and no kidding, it was hard work. My little HF is sitting on the cooler by the fire trying to warm up. I like to help him work at the farm and use the ax and start chopping away, then I go ahead and build a fire and burn the brush pile. It's fun!

Hard working Boots

Our two tired dogs waiting for something to eat.

We grilled some really good organic hamburger and let me tell you in all honesty, it was the best hamburger ever!!!! All I put was S&P and Italian seasoning, and it was delicious!!!! Yum! The entire time we're eating we were like "hmmm... that is so good! Hmmm... Hmmm...". It was that good!

We ended up our day with a little exploring around our area and here are few of the photos I took, then we head home and settled down for the night. It was sure beautiful yesterday despite the cold and windy weather. We hope yours turned out to be an awesome weekend as well!

This is our life! Nothing fancy, just low key country-like living, but we totally love it! Thanks for visiting!


  1. what an adorable little boy you have. nice to see that the weather is so conducive for a family day out.

  2. you look like you have a wonderful and happy life :) you guys look like you had a blast at the farm.

  3. the hardest task can be fun and exciting to do if you have your loved ones around. Dropping by for Mommy and Me Monday!

  4. Your Mommy & Me photo is great but I absolutely love the one of him sitting on the little cooler! So cute!

  5. sis, I can't believed I see NO SNOW in your place and you even managed to have a barbecue outside, where do you live?

    Visiting thru The Bloggers Exchange (Feb/Mar Link Collection). I hope you can visit me back. Thanks!

  6. Great photo...your son is adorable...and the hamburger makes me hungry haha...

    hope you can visit my entry too,

  7. rosy cheeks kau si Harley...all bundled up! sos gigutom ko ug tan-aw sa inyong hamburger...yum!

  8. Looks like a great time and I bet the fire was very welcomed.

    The burgers look yummy.

  9. Sooooooo cute, pwede pakurot hehehe


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