Monday, January 24, 2011

Vintage Hats

My little boy and I went out today and walked to the post office to mail something, then right after that we walked down to a secondhand store called "Heirloom Obsessions" which is really close to the post office and did a little shopping. I ended up buying only two things today, which is not bad because I was hoping to save my money for the rummage sale, which is going to be in spring. Little Harley spotted a toy train from a far and immediately jump out of his stroller and wanted the train. He dropped all of the other toys that he had on his hands and feel in love with the toy train. For him it was like love at first sight and from them on, he would not let go of it. He is a train obsessed little man. Although I did not get to take a photo of his toy, I will just share you what I got for myself. I got me a Vintage Dobbs Fifth Avenue Pure Wool Felt Hat in Walnut and I was really excited! To some of you may not be as excited to have found a Vintage hat, but for me it's a treasure. Plus hats right now in winter is a big thing and I am really happy to have scored something that I don't have to spend huge amount of money to buy it. Although it needs a little cleaning, but that is no big deal.

Vintage Dobbs Fifth Avenue Pure Wool Felt Hat:
thrifted for $5

I love it and I am keeping this one to myself!

Here is another hat that I purchased like 4 or 5 years ago and I only got to use it twice. I might be able to use it next winter and see if I really like it or not I might just give it away. It's a beautiful hat and still in good condition. I forgot how much I spent on this one, but it was really cheap.

Label: Splendide Imported Body Made In Italy Winner Original
Fabric: Soft Short Fur on the outside

It is a lovely black soft short fur hat with black ribbon around the hat and a bow on the side with two vintage pins that are just gorgeous. It does not come with the original box. Still in good condition!

Have a great night/morning, everyone!


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  2. Love the black fur hat, Adin. I love shopping in the second hand shops here too.

    Have a great day always.

  3. awwwwwwww...gorgeous....ako pod mahilig sa hat...ka nice ani kay orig...ehehehe!


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