Thursday, March 17, 2011

Nostalgia Thursday: Gardening Season

With the weather starting to warm up and it's almost about time for gardening season, I am getting excited and can't wait to be outside and work in the yard. With that said, it reminded me of our yard and garden from the last few years when Tim and I started doing some gardening together. So here are few photos of our garden and yard from the past few years.

It's so windy out here today in Chetopa, Kansas so not much of a day outside. So my work for today is cleaning up the house. I'll be back to visit you all later on. Enjoy the rest of the week, everyone!


  1. slip paka inday adin nya nabuntit lng ug kalit sa last pic hehe. ka busy sa imung world uy

    Nostalgic Moment

  2. Dami mong flowers sis, at yung circle na garden veggie garden ba yan? Ganda naman kahit buntit very pretty pa din..

  3. It's a wide and lovely garden...
    You have a beautiful home and garden :)

    Thanks for dropping by...

  4. Wow, sound exciting... The garden looks sweet... Hmm, gardening.. I tried it when I was in my younger school years and it had been years since I last have my hands on it..

    Oh yes, nice meeting you on this nostalgic Thursday.. and hope to see you around.. :) by the way, am following your blog and hope you will follow me as well.. to build our little blogger friendship.. :)

    Thanks and *HUG*

  5. ang laki ng yard adin. It is good for gardening and i think farm


  6. ayay! pagka luag man kau sa inyong mansion mamiAdin woi....:) I too can't wait to start my garden...cute kau ka aning pic nga buntis...ehehehe!

  7. I am planning to do some gardening too, maybe some flowers and some veggies. I can't wait for spring na nga and enjoy the outdoors. :)

  8. Wow! great garden.. I can't have a garden, I have black thumb, lahat ng tanim ko namamatay..

  9. Very nice garden! Galing mo mag alaga!


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