Friday, March 18, 2011

FTF: Red Lobster

My very, very, very late entry for this Friday Meme about food, but I hope it's still okay. So here is my entry for today and I am sharing you photos of the food and drinks at the Red Lobster restaurant. Yummylicious!

Don't you just love dining in at Red Lobster? Great food, great service (at least from where we're at) and great ambiance.

Then, after a really good and satisfying meal, it was time to go grocery shopping at an Asian store since we rarely shop there and I missing Filipino food a lot. Food and more food! My tummy is very happy.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


  1. red lobster for the sea food lover in youuuuu... lol now i have that song stuck in my head ;)

  2. I love Red Lobster! I love their biscuits and stuffed mushroom for appetizer. See you again, Adin. Mine is up - FTF103

  3. Hi sis,

    Based on the last picture, Truly there is a Pinay in the house :)

    Mine is up at FTF #38

    Its me,
    Cielo of Brown Pinay
    Also blogging at:
    My Point of View

  4. looks good...we have Red Crab here, i wonder if they're related.:p

  5. yum, sarap naman nung chicken :-)!

  6. i love chowder too:-) haven't been to red lobster but my hubby loves it there. and isn't it a treat everytime we go to an asian store? there is one in Cedar rapids, IA, and it is owned by a Filipino:-) mabuti pa dyan may calamansi, wala pa dito ngayon:-(

  7. I miss eating at Red Lobster, it's my favorite resto too!

  8. everything looks very appetizing! sarap maggrocery sa pinoy store syempre...kahit papaano paminsan-minsan kakamiss din ang lasa ng food natin sa pinas kaya kapag ingredients is from pinas lalong sumasarap, hehehe! PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...happy Sunday! :)

  9. @Luna Miranda

    I am not sure if Red Crab and Red Lobster are related in terms of restaurant, but sure is cute. hehehe.. Thanks for stopping by!

    Adin B

  10. Sarap naman! Dami nyo napamili!

  11. ayay, gigutom naman nuon ko ug tan-aw woi, yum! mau paka mamiAdin kay nangompra paka sa mga oriental goodies...walay lab-as isda diha? hehehe!

    lili ko dire kadali...have a good one!

  12. HUNGRY!
    wonderful images!
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  13. i love seafood/lobster. I am now thinking of cooking seafoods this weekend.

  14. Kalami man ana Adin..Basta seafoods dili gyud nako balibaran..hehehe

  15. Ang sarap ng mga foods mo Mommy Adin. Gusto ko ulit kumain pero nd na pd, wahhh visiting here through
    Bloggers Exchange.
    Wish you can visit me here too:
    My Daily Mumbles

  16. WHY do I keep seeing food on blogs?! You bloggers are KILLING ME haha!

  17. Hey, you just reminded me that we have a Red Lobster gift card I'd forgotten about. Woohoo! That dinner looks so good and I adore pina coladas!!!

  18. I am back here Mommy thanks for the comment of my entry, love the mango shake.


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