Thursday, March 31, 2011

Nostalgia Thursday & Share A Thrift Hunt #2

Oh my life! It's been a while since I shared something to you on this blog. I hope you all are still there waiting for me and still are not tired of visiting me and reading my blog. A huge blessing God has given to us and I had to take time for myself to soak it in, to enjoy the moment in going through these first three months of pregnancy. Yes, you heard it right! My husband and I are pregnant and our little man Harley will soon be a big brother. It's very exciting to be expecting again and going through all of the baby stuff and pregnancy period and I can't wait to finally see the baby. Anyway, I have not been to the doctor yet for an appointment to find out more about the pregnancy since we decided to have a new doctor this time so it will be an exciting and interesting one.

With that said, it reminded me of my first pregnancy with my little man Harley and how excited I was to be a new mom. Although it was not that all fun and exciting because there were also these anxiety, nervousness, a lot of questions, pregnancy pain, all of these changes in your life happens all at once and at times it was very overwhelming, but I should say: "It was all worth it!".

Since it is Thursday, I would like to share you some photos before when I had my first pregnancy as my late entry for a Nostalgic Thursday.

(Harley's Nursery)

(Painting the Mural. Blue's Clues is Harley's favorite show.)

With the help of my ever supportive husband, we were able to finished all the work that was done in the nursery from priming, painting, decorating, etc. There were so many things that had to be done, but we made it and the room was ready for our little addition to come home too. Now, I am getting excited to do those things all over again. I have some new ideas in mind for the nursery and can't wait to work on it.

(First Pregnancy)

For another Thursday Meme, here is my entry for the "Share a Thrift Hunt Meme".

I was running some errands yesterday and drove by the school when we saw dadda was outside on his way to the school's wood shop so we stopped by and spent some time with him at school. He had 30 minutes before his next class so we let Harley play in the playground and he got to spend some time with other kids. He surely had a hard time leaving the school since he loved all the attention and being around with lots of kids. For him it was like a treat and he never wanted to leave. So after driving around town, we went home and Harley still wasn't ready to get inside the house so he spent time playing outside with the dogs even though the weather was freezing cold yesterday. It also gave me time to snap some photos of me and him out in our yard in a freezing cold day and all I had on was this grandpa's cardigan to keep me warm. And speaking of the cardigan, this green puppy is a thrift find for only a dollar. Thrifty, huh! Ah! Just my kind of price. I love it because it is warm and comfy and perfect for my growing belly. I can wear it until my last month of pregnancy when the weather starts to drop again and I need something warm, comfy and more room for my big belly to wear.

(My little monkey)

Vintage Hat: Thrift-ed- $5
Grey Hane's Men's Shirt: Walmart- $10 (There are five of them in a pack)
Grandpa's Cardigan: Thrift-ed- $1
Black Skinny Jeans: Target- $24.99
Leather Boots: Thrift-ed- $5

Vintage Necklace: Inherited from my MIL
Harley's Red Sweater: thrift-ed- 50 cents
Jeans: Thrift-ed- 50 cents
shoes: Hand-Me-Down

These are my entries for today's meme and hope you enjoy your visit. From time to time, I will let you all updated about my pregnancy and you might even see some crafts for the baby and the nursery. I can't wait until I get to start preparing for the room and all that fun baby stuff, but that won't be until late pregnancy. So I will keep you posted!
Have a good one!


  1. Wow! Congratulations! How I wish ako rin para my baby sis or baby bro na si Yogi. :)

    I love how the nursery looks. Blue is my fave color and I never thought the cartoon character Blue would look good sa wall. Nice!

    Take extra care!

  2. congratulations! thats wonderful news. harleys baby room looks did a great job on it!. you always find wonderful bargains. I'm sure this little one will have a wonderful room too. Looking forward to seeing baby room updates.. take care of yourself and again congrats!

  3. Congratulations, Adin! What a wonderful news, indeed. Looking forward to your nursery decorating updates.
    On the other hand, you look so cute with that red top. I didn't even notice that you're pregnant had it not for your caption. You and your little man look good together. It's amazing what kind of outfits you could pull together with thrifted finds. I heart, I heart!

  4. Wow! thats definitely a wonderful news!! Congrats and do take care and enjoy your second pregnancy. hehe im so envious =)

    love the thrifted stuff and im specially digging the boots!

    Have a great weekend

  5. Congrats Adin! The nursery room is looking fantastic! Beautiful concept. I can't wait to see your new baby coming soon.

    Thanks for leaving a comment at my Nostalgia feature. I believe it's my first time here. I am now your new follower :-)


  6. I love the setting of your photo shoots Mommy Adin, great finds too.

  7. wow, that's so cool of you... you look lovely in red.. thanks for the visit.

  8. Its really nice to go back especially during the time of our pregnancy :) Its true there are ups and downs but still enjoying ... visiting you back from NT.

  9. Adin, congrats on your second pregnancy!
    Lovely baby room :)

  10. Congratulations Ate, nice shot and such a cute nursery :)

  11. Congrats!! Magiging kuya na pala si Harley!

  12. congratulations! and i love those boots. =)

  13. you always score good buys...suits you and harley well! i love your nursery room, very well organized and congratulations for that little one growing in your tummy! take care always and happy weekend!

  14. what a fantastic job you guys the highest level man jud ang room ni harley...eheheh!

    murag d mailhan ga all the shots mamiAdin...:)


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