Friday, April 15, 2011

FTF #9: Hungry For Ensaymada

Lately, I have been a little bit slow on blogging and sharing you some sewing projects, but I am hoping that I will feel a lot inspired later on in the pregnancy. Right now, I am just getting through the first three months of pregnancy and then I am hoping that I will be back to being active again.

Last night was a scary night for us because the weather was bad and we were not able to really enjoy our night at home since we had to go to the shelter and waited until the weather was fine and we headed back home. Once we got home, we ate a quick dinner and went to bed. For someone that don't have a basement, it scares me so much when it's the tornado season because we don't have an available shelter in our house so we have to drive somewhere else to be safe. We take these storms very seriously and we always try to be ready at any time. It's sad to hear the news though about the people who were affected and killed by the storm, that's why even though it's one cold day today, I am really happy and lucky that we were able to wake up in our own bed, in our own house and that we are safe and sound. You guys be safe and hope you will have a wonderful weekend!

The other day I was so hungry for some Ensaymada that I had to make some, but I was a bit apprehensive because the last time or my first attempt didn't turn out moist and it was almost like rock hard. Since my wonderful husband bought me a bread maker as my Christmas present last year, I put it to use and I was hoping that my Ensaymada dough will turn out good. I was sure lucky because my second try was a success. My ensaymada turned out moist and so delicious! Thank you to Kusina Ni Manang for the recipe. If you would like to make some, click here for the recipe.


Look who could not wait to taste them. He thought it was ready to eat so when I turned my back on him, he took a pinch of dough and ate it. He said it was yummy! Silly boy.

One happy little man!
He is my helper in the kitchen and my quality control taste tester. Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone!


  1. Looks delectable! Yummy to the tummy! Mine is up - My FTF Entry

  2. wow mommy Adin ang hirap pala ng kalagayan ninyo diyan pag may turnado...but better safe though.

    The enzymada looks delicious!

  3. please keep safe always! your ensaymada looks really delicious...and your little check is so cute! have a great weekend! :) -PinayMum - Mommy's Life Around...!

  4. Freshly baked ensaymada... wow! I do admire people who can bake at home.

    my Food Trip Friday post

  5. oh my, look at his sweet,sweet smile! sweeter than the Ensaymada he's eaitng. :)

  6. i would love to have a try..looks inviting

    late visit from FTF

  7. oh, he's adorable, and so gwapo!
    i wouldn't mind having this assistant around the house.:p

  8. hhaahhaha.....pagka cute ni kuyaHarley....tawon, excited kau ang bata....kaon ug!

    naa pa diha kay mangayo ko...sos, kalami!


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