Friday, April 15, 2011

As I Promised, More Photos!

Like I said on this post last month, I will show you more photos of the customized bags and customized decorative pillow cases that Mommy Dhemz ordered from me once she gets it in the mail. So now it is the time to fill you in with some more photos. I am glad she likes it! Thank you again, mommy Dhemz!

This camera bag has four (4) cutesy little purse feet that is not shown in the picture.

And, for photos of the decorative pillow cases/covers that I made, click Decorative Pillows. If you are interested in ordering some customized bags from me, just let me know. Thanks for stopping by!
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  1. WOW! Ganda ganda! How much does it cost ba, Sis?

  2. you made these?? wow! they're beautiful..

  3. These are so pretty, Adin! Love the colours and designs. You are so creative.

  4. wala na akong masabi...bow na bow ako sau mamiAdin...thanks again! You did a fantastic job...I'll blog about these cutesy bags soon....thanks ulit!

  5. These are beautiful and you have such a great talent in creating beautiful things.


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