Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Share A Thrift Hunt #4: Vintage Kid's Chairs

Like I said last April 6 that I went rummage sale shopping and I got a whole bunch of great stuff for such a great deal, then I showed you photos of the items I got. Well, I had two things that I didn't really get to show off to you so this would be my time now.

I got it on the first day of the rummage sale and I was very happy because I have been wanting one for a while now and I finally got two for free. Waiting was sure worth it!

Anyway, talk no more and here they are. I got me some vintage kid's chairs and guess how much I paid for them? Any guesses? Well, you might want to hang on to your seats or wherever you may are because I am about to tell you how much I paid for these babies.

I paid, ZERO DOLLARS! Yes! It was FREE! Yaye! (Patting myself on the shoulder)
I know! Can you believe it. I know the paints are chipping off and you can tell it's been used a lot, but that's the thing that I like about it. It has character that way.
This lady at the church is so nice and she just gave it to me for free without even thinking twice. The moment I asked her about it and how old these chairs were, she knew I was interested in them and she loaded it up in the back of my Jeep.

Originally it was marked for 50 cents each, which is a great deal, but she wanted it to give to me anyway since they've been wanting to get rid of it and no one wanted to take them, plus I have been their best customer ever so free it is. Sweet!

I giggle every time I look at them because they are just cute! I know they're just chairs, but they are darling. My little boy was sure excited when I showed it to him and he even wanted me to sit with him while we were in the yard.

Because I got these chairs for free, the dollar that I saved that day was spent the next rummage sale shopping for a dollar a bag. And I got me some great stuff as well.

Have a great time!


  1. wow, that's a best "buy" and the chairs are really nice, cute...and you can even transform it into a new one if you wish anytime, like painting it blue and pink or adding few accessories. the last picture $1/sack was really great, i am interested to know what's the items in each sack! you're really good on spotting good things in sale...have a blessed thursday!

  2. that's really a super best buy!! ang it looks so vintage.. hihi ikaw na ikaw yan! i would love to go on a rummage sale. for sure i'd go crazy with bargains.. take care =)

  3. I love free stuff too Adin ;-). They are good looking chairs.

  4. i can't call that a bargain. it's a miracle. good thing we can still get things for free. love those chairs. i'm into secondhand stuff too.

  5. Wow that is an impressive buy..You cannot find like that here. Mien is up here.

  6. pagka nice jud...kuyog ko next time...ehehehe!


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