Monday, May 2, 2011

Flowers From The Garden & Pregnancy Update

One of the reasons why I love gardening is to be able to enjoy your plants and your flowers after all that hard work getting on your knees and getting your hands dirty. For me it is very relaxing and it makes me feel like I have accomplished something. I am not afraid of getting my hands dirty and touching worms, bugs, and all that creepy crawlies that you would encounter while working with dirt or soil. I love it when I get to harvest my flowers and place them in a vase and display them in our house. Right now, I am really busy in my garden and getting some things done before my tummy gets bigger and it would be hard for me to work because I know next year I won't have that much time for gardening as our little bundle of joy is going to keep me occupied. I am on planting more perennials and low maintenance plants this year so I could enjoy them every year with less work. Here are two photos of the beautiful flowers that I harvested from my own garden.

Hydrangea, Gladiolus, and some Asparagus nestled in a beautiful vase that I got from the flea market.

One other thing that kept me busy these past few days was making some customized covers for the computer screen/monitor, keyboard and the CPU/Tower. I hope mommyShy will love them and won't regret from asking me to make the covers for her. I am done with two of the three covers so for sure mommyShy I will be able to mail them this week. I will let you know! Thank you once again for your business with me. Share us some photos! Aren't those owls such a hootie? I mean cutie? I think I might want to buy the same fabric for my little boy's pillow because he loves it as well.

And speaking about buying some fabrics, someone asked me about the websites where I like to go and shop and honestly, I only have two websites where I shop the most. The reason that I like to stick to these two online shops is because for example with the the more you buy items from them and become a registered customer, those purchases will turn into what they call frequent shopper points and can be redeemed for coupons. That means I get to save some money! By the way, I am not paid for advertising their website. I am just sharing you two of my favorite online stores to shop for fabrics.

I know there are other websites where you can shop for fabrics, but these are just the few of them I know. If you have something to share, let us know some other websites to shop for fabrics. I would appreciate that. Thank you! For someone who lives in a very small town and is 45 minutes away from the city, and does not go to the city that often, online shopping is my option. I hope this helps, Kel of Michigan!

My pregnancy update.
Almost three (3) months and loving it!

Baby bump's showing!
Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. you look great Mommy Adin :0 and beautiful flowers.

  2. my gosh! the babybump! so cute...are you having trouble with your first trimester mamiAdin? your blooming!

    sos, mau paka kay naka harvest ka naman diay sa imong garden...ka nice jud sa mga flowers....:)

    I like the fabric...nice!

  3. Oiii ang cute ng bump hehehe.'Happy mother's day sis.


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