Sunday, May 8, 2011

It's Mama's Day!

(My lovely mother when she was 16, if I remember it right.)

It's a late post and a quick one, but I wanted to greet all the mothers in this world a wonderful mother's day to all of you. I think for me everyday should be a mother's day, don't you think? I miss my mama so much and she is thousands of miles away from me and I wish I get to celebrate this day with her and just spend some time together. I wish my grandma was here too.

So to all of you who get to celebrate this mother's day with their mothers, you are lucky and you should cherish and enjoy the day.

I am 3 months pregnant and we just had our doctor's visit last May 5th and everything is well. During the ultrasound, the baby was wiggling those little feet and it was sure precious. I can't wait to find out the gender of the baby. I already have a feeling of what it is going to be, but won't be able to find out exactly until later. Life is good. Hope you all had a great time! See you later!


  1. belated happy mother's day mamiAdin....and to your mom man kau ni mader nimo...ehehehe!

    wow, 3 months already? dalia ra sa are blooming...I think you are having a girl...ehehehe....:)

  2. Ganda, you look just like your mommy :-)

  3. lili ko dire kadali mamiAdin....hope all is well...have a wonderful day...thanks for dropping by!

  4. Look at your mom - thats so awesome! You look fantastic - hope you had a great Mother's Day!

  5. you look so bloomign as a pregnant woman..seeing your photo reminds me whenI was still pregnant way back 2 months ago..I followed you and i hope youi do the same.can we exchange links too?see you in my blog..


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