Sunday, June 12, 2011

Harley's New Summer Linen Pants

I know it has been so long since I even said "HI" to my blog, but my pregnancy and other things get in the way. I figured I need another time to be away from my cyberworld and do some other things. About my pregnancy it is doing well and I am 17 weeks pregnant and can't wait to finally know the gender of the baby by the 23rd of June. Wish us luck and hope my pregnancy will be a good one throughout. I have been sewing lately, but never got the chance to share it with you, so for a start I want to share you this linen pants that I made for my little boy. If you have been reading my blog, then you know that I love to go to the rummage sales, so the materials that I used for making this summer linen pants was from a huge linen dress and a huge polo shirt for the pockets. It was easy and quick to make and I used his old pants that still fit him as my template for making the new pants. It has an elastic waist and a drawstring as well. As soon as I was finished making the pants, my boy was ready to strut it and go for a bike ride with his daddy. And here he is!

If you are interested in how to make a pair of pants for your little ones, you can check out this tutorial from Dana of MADE. Let me know how yours turned out! Maybe one of these days I can make my own tutorial as well. Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. Awwwww Harley you look great. Super handsome jud

  2. exciting! hoping for a baby girl mamiAdin...good luck guys!

    ka japorms man kau si Harley woi...angayan man kau sa iyang new pants.....:)

    thanks for visiting mamiAdin...hope all is well!

  3. aww! this is so cute... I really liked the huge red pockets. Its so creative of you to have used a polo shirt for that!Linen has a smooth surface and mat luster and feels pleasant to the touch.Its a perfect thing for your little one!:)

  4. Good for you sis,at least you are still productive,when i was preggy, I feel so lazy, I don't want to do anything and all i want is to sleep. :)


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