Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Excited For My Goodbyn!

NOTE: I am not paid for this post. I just want to share you my excitement about this new product.

Just this afternoon, I was reading Bleubird Vintage's blog and saw some photos of her kids' lunchboxes and something got me really interested- the cute Goodbyn. Goodbyn is a new brand of lunchboxes that is made from recyclable food-safe plastics, it's FDA approved and is BPA free. These Goodbyn lunchboxes come in different colors and with fun stickers for the kids and kids alike to have fun with it and make it personal. After checking out their website I was sold, and I thought that it would be a great father's day gift since the Father's day is right around the corner. So with that said, I ordered it right away and now I cannot wait for it to get here and see if my husband likes it. I know he will! He has no clue I got him something that would be very useful for him when he goes to work and that it will help him save money, customize his own lunch so he can stay healthy, and something that I know will last him for a long while. The one that I ordered for him was this "Goodbyn Original Kit (Earless)"in Charcoal color. There are other fun colors and one other style that you can choose from as well, so if you are thinking of getting your little ones some lunchboxes for the next school season or for your loved ones to bring lunch to work, I think this one would be great! It helps you save money and it helps mother-nature too. When my little man finally goes to school, I am getting him one.


  1. cute nga siya,Mommy Adin! I will check the site and hopefully they ship internationally,I want to buy two for my boys. :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by mommy Willa. I think they do ship internationally. I am sure your boys will love it! :)

    Adin B

  3. That's really nice! marami mailalagay!

  4. wow, I would love to get one for hubby...this is pretty nifty...I like it!

  5. @Dhemz

    Hi there mommy Dhemz! thanks for stopping by. I am sure he will like it. Perfect for Akesha as well if she is taking lunch to school with her. :)


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