Saturday, June 18, 2011

Unfinished Jacket and Bag

It seems like most of the projects that I had done lately are all unfinished. Unfinished customized covers, unfinished bags and unfinished jacket. Things have been a little bit busy these days and I am trying to get everything done by this month since next month will be a really busy one for us. We will be in a new place next month and will be spending less time in the house as we will be traveling back and forth. Anyway, to show you some of my unfinished projects, here are some photos.


I know it is just the beginning of summer and fall is far from here, but I wanted to make a hooded fall/winter jacket for my son a little earlier before I give birth and won't have much time to sew. The materials I used were from (again) the rummage sale find that was a huge Men's pants and a Men's shirt. The sleeves and the body of the jacket was from the pants and the pockets and lining was from the shirt. I can't wait to get it done and see my son wearing the jacket this cold season. Maybe he can even wear it to Colorado this summer since it gets cold up there in the mountains in the evening when camping.

Back view
It has two deep pockets on the side as well to tuck those little hands warm during the cold season.

See the zipper detail on the shoulder? I love it! I was going to use the metal zipper that was from the pants, but then it broke and could not put it back together so I decided to use it as details on the shoulders. I think it turned out quite nice.

By the time I am done with this, I'll show you the finished product and hopefully my little model will cooperate and will proudly show off his new jacket for me. Cross my fingers on that one!

The other project(s) I did was making some bags that were unfinished as well. I'll show you the other one.


I am hoping to sell this one on Etsy once it's done. Hoping someone will be interested and would want to buy it. When it is finally done, it will have lots of pockets interior and exterior. So far, for the outside pockets it has three (3) large pockets on the front, two side pockets, and one large pocket on the bag. The inside will have pockets as well and a key loop. So I am hoping to finish it soon along with other unfinished things.


The bag can be used as a laptop bag, diaper bag, school bag or your everyday bag. It has an adjustable and removable strap that you can use as a crossbody bag and will have another two straps for using as a shoulder bag.


If someone out there who is interested, just let me know and I'll get it done as soon as possible. Actually, I am hoping to get everything done.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend, everyone!


  1. its ok din we understand, kailan ka nga ulit manganganak?

  2. @anne

    Mommy Anne B, thanks for stopping by. Sa November 13th akoa due date, but I am sure I will have it earlier than that kay ma CS man ko ani again. :)

  3. it's ok Mommy Adin,matagal pa naman ulet ang winter time. :)

  4. mahuman ra lagi na mamiAdin..ehehhee...ka nice kau sa imong mga hinimo tawon....:) ka cute ni Harley sa last pic...ehhehee....are you expecting a baby girl?


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