Saturday, August 13, 2011

Back From A Vacation!!!

(37 weeks)

Back from a vacation we are and it was absolutely a great family time. Since we are planning on not taking another vacation next summer because of our new addition to the family, we took our time exploring Colorado and we enjoyed the whole trip. We had a lot of experiences and glad we are alive to tell the story.

Even though we had a great time the three of us, it is always good to be back home. Back in your own place and back in your own comfort zone. The only thing I didn't like much about traveling was the food because I didn't get to eat what I really craved for until we rented a cabin with a kitchenette for three nights and that helped a bunch. I was able to cook and enjoy a meal that I wanted and needed. Rice, rice, baby! Now, we finally figured out what to do next time we want to vacation to Colorado. Just rent a cabin with a kitchenette and start exploring from there. (*all smiles*)

Anyway, I am still trying to get back to my normal routine. We have been so busy around the house trying to get everything done. My main project right now is to get my baby girl's nursery done since I have three months left to do that. Later on, come back and I'll show you some photos and even videos of our trip in Colorado. It's good to be back and I miss you all!

The Blankenship!


  1. Hello Din, Congratulations! I did not know that you're pregnant. It only means that I haven't been here in a while. Have a happy weekend .

  2. awwwww....looking fab as always....can't wait to see the Blankenship baby girl....:)

    glad to know you guys are back...kuyaw jud mo basta mag adventure ba...ehehhee....:)

  3. Ang sexy naman ng juntis na yan hehehe.


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