Saturday, August 13, 2011

Steep and Narrow Trail

I don't know what was that man thinking and what we were thinking as well. When we were at the gas station, Tim talked to the owner about a best place to camp out for the night somewhere at the Monarch in Colorado. The man told us about this place that only locals know about. With all our excitement, we went ahead and drove up to this steep and narrow trail being crazy until finally we gave up because it seemed like there was no ending to the narrowness of the road. It said that you can go around the mountains and come back on the other road. Forget it! It was too much for us who are not so daredevils. Maybe for some it wasn't as bad, but for people like us who live in Kansas and no mountains around, we are not used to this narrow trail on a Jeep. Mind you we were close to 13,000 ft high, like almost to the top of the mountain and no one's around to help us if something goes wrong. Plus, the weather all of a sudden changed and it started raining. Not a best place to be when there is lightning and thunderstorm. Thank God we made it back down the solid ground and lived to tell the story. Thanks my husband Tim for being such a great driver. Thank goodness as well that it didn't bust our tire flat or else it could have gone worse.

This video doesn't really do much justice to what we had experienced. On our way up to this trail, none of us were talking even our little boy Harley. As soon as we found a place to stop, we got out of the vehicle and relaxed for a bit. We were then able to calm ourselves down and went back our way. This is the video going back down after making it close to 13,000 ft. and as you can see we were already talking just to get our minds off of being scared. Instead of camping that night, we indeed up getting a room somewhere.


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  2. oh, my golly! you guys are crazy I mean...ehhehehe! ginoo ko, mangurog man sad atong tuhod tawon ani lamang...what a great adventure!

    glad nothing wrong happened...gosh!

  3. Kakatakot naman!Buti na lang you were able to go back safe and sound.

  4. that's a totally cool experience! just dropping by to say hello =) its been awhile and im finally back to blogging.

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  5. I would be scared wahhhh.. Glad you guys made it safe.


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