Wednesday, September 28, 2011

DIY Babylegs

I didn't come up with this idea originally, but while I was looking at youtube about making baby things and I came across a video tutorial on making babylegs. I thought that was so genius I have to make one or two or three for my baby girl. I wanted it to last her longer and not just wear it once so I picked up three cheap knee-high socks at Walmart the other day and I got to sewing some babylegs. Here's what I did.

You need:
*** A pair of socks
*** A pair of scissors
*** A coordinating thread
*** A sewing machine
*** And you! (just kidding)

Now let's get to sewing!
Get your socks ready.

Cut it into this.

Now you are left with two pieces.
The leg part and the bottom part.

Sew them together.

But before you sew them together, after you cut your socks the bottom part will look like the one on the left. You have to fold that in half like the one on the right and that will be your bottom part, and because that part will be a little bit big or lose on your baby's ankle, you're going to stitch the other side of that bottom piece diagonally to form that fitted shape on the ankle.

Like this one.

Make sure the stitched part will be on the back of your baby legs as you are going to pin the two parts together before sewing it.

If you are a beginner you can use some pins to get things aligned, but I went ahead and sewed the pieces together without pinning.
Right sides together, don't forget!

Set your machine
(As you can see my little man used my machine as his canvas. I need a machine cover so he would stop coloring my sewing machine. I guess he thought my machine could sure use some color.)

If your machine is a Kenmore like mine, I set it to number 12, but you can use plain zigzag if you don't have it or if you don't have a serger. I don't have a serger so I used this setting.

Once you are done sewing your baby legs made out of socks, it should look like these babies.

You're done!

Now go make your little ones these fast, easy and affordable baby legs for this winter. Let me know how yours turned out!

If you are still confused about my tutorial (I am horrible at explaining things), you can always search a video tutorial on youtube. Good luck!


  1. pretty nifty! ka cute jud ana mamiAdin...would love to try it...kaso wala man ko makina...ahhhehehe!

  2. Dali ra kaayo sya himuon mommy Dhemz oi.. :) Thanks!

  3. Sounds pretty easy but for a lady like me who doesn't know sewing, I couldn't make one pair lol. You rock sis!

  4. another great thing that I should try out inig ma buntis ko ug kaluy an sa ginoo.

    As for the coupon dli pa extreme ko din kay I am still learning the ropes but so far so good got lots of good deal. Just today I was at Walgreens I got a $4 candle, 2 cover girl eyeshadow,1 pantiliner and 2 deodorant. Paid $1.79 for everything,heheheheheh.. Thats why I love couponing,hehheh.. maka addict kaayo for sure.


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