Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Family Road Trip: Vedauwoo Park Wyoming (Vee-Da-Voo)

Vedauwoo Park is one of the few places we visited while traveling to Wyoming last week. Due to the unpleasant weather, (I am talking about windy and freezing cold-to-the-bone weather) it wasn't the right time to explore more places. Curious about the place called Vedauwoo Park, we had to at least drive by it and we did. As soon as we got there, the wind was blowing hard and it started snowing again. Afraid that we might get stuck in the middle of the snowstorm, we had to leave after taking a few photos. Had it been a beautiful weather, we would have probably gone for a hike. The place was absolutely beautiful and I am pretty sure during the summer, the place is even more spectacular. We would have loved to explore the place more, but the weather didn't permit us. Maybe someday we get to go back to the area and see some new sites as well.

 photo LIFE850_zps8556cfe1.jpg

 photo VedauwooCollage_zps81625388.jpg

 photo LIFE849_zps562a5ae6.jpg

 photo LIFE846_zpsc386ebf8.jpg

 photo LIFE845_zps589ee265.jpg

 photo LIFE842_zps657bed74.jpg

 photo LIFE840_zps0e7ff7c4.jpg

 photo LIFE837_zps891a122a.jpg

 photo LIFE836_zps3e3b8abe.jpg

 photo 734266_10151508637595699_1555293700_n_zps7eff6bfd.jpg

 photo LIFE855_zpsfbb7b35c.jpg

 photo LIFE857_zps67eeda32.jpg

And it was time to go. We hope to see you again, Vedauwoo!


  1. Great photos, sis! Love them all! I can tell it's really cold there!Thanks for joining Wednesday Whites...

  2. Wow, kahit malamig panay ang travels no Mommy. Love these kind of adventures.


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