Friday, December 6, 2013

Product Review: MAM Training Brush + First Brush Set

I received a complimentary product from MAM to facilitate a dependable and honest review. Read below for my full disclosure. 

It is amazing at how my little girl has grown so fast. She is now a two-year old girl and already talking and learning about being independent. My little girl Selby loves to do certain things on her own and doesn't need help from me or from anybody. Part of being independent is by brushing her teeth all on her own. She enjoys going to the bathroom, turn the water on, grab her brush and toothpaste, then brush her teeth. I just can't believe how fast she has grown and she is no longer an infant, but a toddler. I enjoy this age so much and I make sure to savor every moment of it because before I know it, I won't have a little one running around the house anymore. Time sure flies by so fast. 

A little over a month ago, I discovered about a company called MAM who sells high-quality baby products and it is now the leading designer brand in baby care. Please read below for a short introduction about the company and to check out my review of the product that we received. 
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Facts About MAM

MAM started in 1976 – with the vision of high quality baby products that unify design, function and medical competence. Today MAM is the leading design brand in baby care and, with its premium products, present onfive continents – in some cases as market leader. More than 50 million times annually, discerning parents the world over, choose a MAM product.

Learning To Brush set
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My little girl and I's Review:

- First of all, let's talk about the MAM packaging and how easy it was to open. I know a lot of us do care about the packaging if whether or not it drives us crazy when opening. This one was easy and no need for a pair of scissors or teeth. 

- The color of the brushes is adorable and kids love bright and colorful items. 

- The design on the handle of the brushes are perfect for little hands for a good grip. My little girl particularly loves the longer one even though she doesn't really need my help anymore in brushing. She insists to do it on her own so I let her be. 

- I love how the longer brush is designed that way so when your baby is just learning how to brush, the two of you can hold the brush handle together so you can teach your baby the proper way of brushing teeth. That is neat! And when your baby is learning to be independent, the smaller brush is perfect. 

- MAM's Learning To Brush set is wonderfully designed and made and the bristles doesn't fall apart either. With that said, the bristles aren't the softest either so if you ever wonder and are thinking of buying, at least you know. 

- All in all, I am very pleased with the brushes and I am happy that it is very useful for my little girl. Thank you, MAM

Don't forget to visit MAM's website today at to check out more baby products. 

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  1. These are great starter toothbrushes for kids. MAMS has a great line of baby and toddler products!

  2. She's such a cutie! I wish I would have known about these tooth brushes when my boys were babies.

  3. what a cutie...she loves her toothbrush and look at those squeaky clean teeth.

  4. She has a pearly white teeth sis. Great job Selby!

  5. I love that face, how cute! My son is learning to brush on his own, I will look for these.

  6. Looks like she love her new toothbrush. I love that it has good grip handle that way it won't fall when kids are brushing their teeth.

  7. Look at those clean teeth, Mommie. Selby is adorable!!


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