Monday, September 5, 2011

Lots Of Things To Do Before The Baby Arrives

I have been making a lot of things lately and a stuffed toy chicken for my baby girl was one of them. I have been sewing a bunch of things lately knowing that I have 2 months left before the baby girl gets here. I made some stuffed toys, sewed some pillows, burp cloths and what not. Before I go on and on, why don't I just show you photos of some of the things I have been doing. Enjoy the rest of the Labor Day!

Hello, Ms. Chicky!

(Thanks to SewMamaSew for the free Spring Chicken pattern and the tutorial on how to make this lovely chicken.)

She is one lonely fella and is looking for a playmate.
I am making one for my little man so he won't feel left out. This one is for the little girl. :)

Here is what I have so far for my little girl's crib and my husband helped me by spray painting the crib white. It's clean and it fits well in her little room.

* The crib sheet I made is from scraps of Vintage fabrics that I purchased online. I love the color combo on this one and I am thinking of making another sheet in Vintage fabrics as well.

* The pillows in the crib are all made by me except for the nursing pillow. I just made the nursing pillow case. Lately, I have been seeing these Elephant Ear Head Support pillow and in an attempt of not spending that much money on a pillow, I made one myself. Although, mine (the one with the trees and in blue background fabric) may not look exactly like the Elephant Ear pillow, but it's my first time so I hope this works. I have no pattern at all, I just sketched it right on to my fabric, I cut and I sew away!

* The blankets on the side are all Vintage from my mother-in-law and I think I remember her said that those were made by her mom. That yellow blanket has got some cute details and lovely animal prints on it. So adorable!

From back to front: Nursing Pillow, Vintage Lace Pillow, Head Support Pillow, Pearly White Tooth Stuffed toy, Ms. Owl, and Burnt Edge Ruffled Mini Pillow.

I have more pillows to make!
(Note: These pillows are not going to be in the crib with my baby. This is just for the sake of the photo opp.)

Say Hello to Ms. Owl!
I hope my little girl will love her crib.

Before I end this post, I'd like to share you two photos of our little man. Hoping you all have a great day and enjoy the rest of the weekend!
See you all later!

Our Pear Picker Harley.

(Don't worry, my son was safe with daddy and mommy's supervision)

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.... Here's my little man peacefully asleep in his bed with his car pillow that I made. Anyway, this pregnant mama could surely use a nap right about now. Bye!


  1. I understand that Harley is always naked because for the weather. Maybe, if I am living down south, I would just wear bikinis to keep me cool.

    You are so creative Mommy Adin.

  2. Hala ang laki na ni Harley Mommy adin noh, and I so love Ms. Chicky hehhee mine is up and its SAHM’s Online Diary thanks!

  3. Oh wow sis, you really are very talented and creative. This reminds me when I had my daughter, my SIL made her a stuffed dog hehehe. Hala, kapoy gyud si Harley picking some apples hehehe.. Salamat sa bisita.

  4. @Hazelicious929

    Ate haze, cold or warm weather Harley doesn't like to wear clothes at all. Samukan sya mas comfortable sya ug walay clothes. It doesn't bother me at all just as long as he is okay and comfy. Thanks!

  5. @anne

    Thanks mommy Anne B! :) I will check on your entry. :)

  6. @chubskulit

    Thank you so much, mommy! I am enjoying this making the stuffed toys thing. Harley's just growing up so fast and he loves to help mommy and daddy. :)

    Adin B

  7. Visiting back! The post you stopped on was one of the few I had with no sewing projects. If you come on back click crafts or machine embroidery.

    Love your stuffed toys! Have been a fan of SewMamaSew since she started her Christmas collections of handmade projects (links) a few years ago. Beautiful colors for the baby room - I'm going to have to go Google burnt edge pillow - guessing it's a nice edge for manmade fabrics and now I'm intrigued.

  8. @ceodraiocht

    Thank you for stopping by! What I did with the burnt edge ruffled pillow was using a candle and just simply burn the edges of your fabric and that's why it turned out that way.

    Awe! There are so many beautiful things that inspire you and I love visiting Sew Mama, Sew as well. I am thinking of making handmade Christmas tree decor as early as possible so I still have some time. Hope I get to do it and Sew Mama, Sew will definitely be an inspiration.

    Thanks for letting me know I will check on that one.

  9. You're very creative!


    Dibs of yellow and dabs of red—
    Rainbow colors go to my head!

    Dashes of gold and crimson too—
    Painted like this I can’t feel blue!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Sunflower Clowns

  10. awwww...gorgeous mamiAdin...kita na nako nga spoiled si baby girl sure she is going to love her crib and all the stuff you made for her.

    ka cute man sa pear picker....:)

  11. Ang supercute namn ng mga stuffed toys at pillows na gingawa mo! I love the colors!


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