Monday, August 29, 2011


Can you even believe it that August is almost over? Two more days and it's September already. My, where have all the time gone? I can't believe that I have about 2 and 1/2 months left to get this tiny little room turned into a nursery for our new addition to the family. I am still far away from getting it done. Haven't purchased any baby items yet and I am starting to get a little worried. Breathe in! Breathe out! Calm down, Adin! Anyway, with the little progress I made, I am going to let you peak in a little of what's going to be in this little girl's nursery.

From this mess.....

When I first moved in with my husband five years ago, this tiny little room was right next to our bedroom and it was a storage for all of my husband's book and I saw that it had this huge closet so I convinced my husband to knock down the walls and make it a part of our bedroom. Now our bedroom has space and I got my huge closet. Since this house is a tiny house and there's not a lot of rooms, I decided to use this little space for our little girl's nursery. I can't wait to get everything done and see the room in its final order. Right now, I got most of the paintings done except for my crib. Yes! I spray painted the crib with white and I ran out of spray paints so I am hoping to get some more next time we get out of town. As you can see, the colors of the room are not the typical pink room for girls because I am in love with yellow this time. It was perfect that I already painted this room yellow like two years ago so I saved money and time on that part. The only painting I did was the white trim, the bench, crib and some other little things that needed some sprucing up. Since I am using the closet in this room, I got a little creative and decided to connect a rod on top of the bench and that will be the makeshift closet. There's not a lot of storage so I will be purchasing bins and vintage wire baskets to store her things.

Those empty frames will be filled with photos and some vintage cards that were from my mother-in-law. I can't wait to show the finished room! This is a handmade and vintage inspired room that I am working on with love for my little girl. I am excited!

This was a patchwork that I did the other day and I will show the finished product when the room is done. It is a crib sheet made out of vintage fabrics that I ordered online. I am not a quilter so the only thing I can do that is easy for me is patchwork so that's what I did. I love the colors!

Of course since this is a handmade inspired room as well, I made some stuffed toys for my little girl and this is one of them. My husband said it looks like a frog. What? I call her Ms. Pinky. She's going to be sitting in that robin's egg blue basket screwed on the wall. So far, these are the only things I can show you and the next time it will be a finished room. Before I go, I would also like to share you a little bit of changes on my little man's room because I don't want him to feel left out. He knows I am working on her little sister's room and he loves hanging out in this room especially on that bench by the window.

We went to a store here in town the other week and saw these shelves up for sale and I grabbed them right away. I think I paid $25 for all three of them. I stacked up the two shelves together and placed some of his toy bins and books. The other storage with white bins are his toys, diapers and wipes. I love how it turned out and the room looks like it has more space. I am on the hunt for a locker and hopefully I get lucky and score me a baby.

Vintage table: Free from a friend.
Vintage chair: Rummage sale find for 50 cents


This little man loves to paint, write and read books so he was really excited when he got this vintage table that matches his vintage chair from his adopted grandma Vicky. It was like it was meant to be and I am glad I gave her a call asking her if she has a table that she no longer uses and she found this one. They're like match made in heaven. All I have to do now is to shop for some bins to store all his writing and painting materials. Thank you so much, Vicky!


  1. wow!!! ,Mommy Adin,I can't believed where'd you get your enrgy doing such huge project. When I was pregnant with my youngest boy, I feel sick all the time that even washing the dishes makes me tired. you are one energetic pregnant momma! :)

  2. Very pretty room at di pa tapos yan. I'm sure mas gaganda pag natapos na at nadesign mo na.

  3. Oh wow ang galing mo naman magarrange ng room sis hehehe.. Baby girl pala ang sunod, girl is so much fun to dress with hehehe. Kelan nga ba due date mo sis?

  4. I am sure your baby's room will turn out great. Don't stress yourself out too much. Just do it little at a time. Mahuman ra ba Din. Take care.

  5. oh my! I love what you did mamiAdin...fantastic! ka kuyaw nimo nga buntis no kay d ka puyo...ehehhee...joke...great job!

  6. I really like what you did mamiAdin....ganahan ko sa color combination....:)

    lili lang ko dre kadali..thanks for dropping by...have a great weekend!


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