Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Cloth Diaper Stash So Far

Like I said in my earlier post that I am into cloth diapering this time around. I wish I had done this to my little man because they are just so darling, fun and Eco-friendly. I am sure it would be nice to not go to the baby aisle anymore and grab a bunch of disposable diapers and even wipes. Yes, I am also making some cloth wipes. It will save us some money and gentle to the environment. So here are some photos of my cloth diaper stash so far and more in the mail. Actually, I am making my own homemade cloth diaper as well so I better get me some materials then.

This is my stash so far and I have some coming in the mail next week. I can't wait to order and make some more. They are right! Cloth diapering can be addictive. I get so excited looking at these cuties and all the fun colors and prints. I need to order more printed ones. My little girl would sure look cute in them.

At first try I thought I won't be able to make a good cloth diaper so I almost gave up, but then it just needed some getting used too and a good pattern and I am hooked. Can't wait to make some more!

Special thanks to mommy Michele Breyer for being so nice and generous. She gave me a bunch of things from baby clothes to these diapering materials. I appreciate it so much, mommy Michele. She has her own blog and online store called Bunnzoo featuring all of her handmade items from cloth diapers, baby clothes and more.

There are tons of good reviews on the BumGenius cloth diapers so I am ordering some more and these will be used more like for traveling.

These are the ones from Lovely Pocket Diapers by Melissa Virgil (I am not paid to mention her company) and I have read good reviews about these diapers as well so I ordered a bunch of them. The best thing about it is that they are affordable and I am sure it will work well on my baby. My favorite print is the one on the very top called the "Rose Rave". It's so soft and since it's from the Rave collection, it has inside gussets that will help keep everything in the diaper and prevents leakage especially during blowouts. You know what I mean.

I surely need more inserts and hopefully I'll be able to buy some more materials so I can make my own. Saves money!

My hand hurts from putting all these snaps on the diaper cover. There are three rises that you can adjust from Small, Medium and Large. This one is set on the small setting. We'll see how this works on my baby.

I decided to try and put ruffles on the bum. Next time, I am using the Vintage lace that I bought. I am sure it will look cute on her.

Last, is my handmade winter fleece hat and shoes for the baby. I had some extra fleece fabric so I went ahead and made her a winter hat. Since mommy was so busy preparing things for the little girl, I had to make one for my little man as well, which is not shown in the picture. His is made out of maroon wool hat with car applique.

So cute! Enjoy the rest of the day, everyone!

Due next month!


  1. Wow ang dami na ah! Ang cu cute ng designs at colors!

  2. Wowowow, di ako nakagamit nyan sis. Galing ah, I agree, you can save money using cloth diaper and wipes. I love the colors! Pwedeng pang color connection lol. Salamat sa comments, kahit due ka na eh ganda pa din. babae nga ang baby mo hehehe kasi blooming ka.

  3. oh la the highest level talaga ang powers mo mamiAdin...bilib ako gosh! those are cute....looks comfy them all!

    blooming na blooming!

  4. due naka next month mami adin, kadali ra sa panahon sa. naibug ko sa imung diaper cloth ky very innovative ang iyang cover. bilib ko sa imung talent adin,

    your little gilr would sure look cute on those lovely diaper cloth. made by mommy with love.

  5. Din,na intriga kaayo ko sa imu cloth diaper. I would like to try that ug naa na unya puhon sunod but tapulan man ko manglaba,hahahahah... I know it will save a lot of money but tanawon nku puhon ug makaya sa ako powers,hahaha..

    I salute you din kay kugihan kaayo ka, I am not patronizing. I genuinely admire your efforts and your dedication. naibog ko sa mga cloth diaper,heheheheh

  6. Hi sis, just want to greet you a merry Christmas!


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