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Last summer we took a short trip to South Dakota to meet up with some of my husband's relatives. We were invited to a family reunion (Goehring Family, his mother's side) and it was held at the Custer State Park where we checked-in at the State Game Lodge. This place was beautiful and there were all sorts of fun and exciting things to do. The State Game Lodge was absolutely beautiful, with an old rustic charm about it. I was not able to take a lot of photos as I had to babysit my little boy who was ready to explore right when we got there while dadda was busy taking care of our room. This place is absolutely perfect for weddings, parties and family reunions and there were a lot of those happening during our stay. Glad we got to stay there. Thank you dadda for taking us there!

When we arrived in South Dakota, this was the very first place we stopped. Time to relax from a long and tiring drive. 

 Digging for fossils.

Our room for two nights. We only went for a 2-day trip to South Dakota so this trip was not very pleasant at all. Although, it was one huge lesson for us to not to travel that way ever again. There was a lot of driving and crankiness as the weather  (cruel summer) was not helping at all. I was pregnant and craving for food that is so hard to get whenever you are traveling, but my husband was so sweet and he went to the restaurant and ordered me some Pheasant and Pasta Alfredo. It was the best meal I have had that day so far. I was one happy pregnant mama. If you happen to visit the place, try the pheasant dish. Absolutely delicious!

After we have secured our room, we headed to the Needles Highway which freaked me out a bit as the road was narrow and winding road, and cliff on the other side. There were tunnels to go through which we all loved.


There is a place here you can stop and enjoy the spectacular view. 
This little man was not happy at all. He was tired from hours of driving and he was ready to settle down.

Needles Eye, South Dakota

My husband told me to take a photo of this angle because his mom had an old photo of this place of her and her best friend Hilda in the picture. I wish I have that old photo right now to show you. Anyway, this place is absolutely beautiful. A must see!

After exploring, we headed back to our room and rested for the night. That next day was our hike to the Harney Peak and if you have been following me, then you may have seen that on my previous post. If you have not seen it, then you can click it here.

After the 6-hour hike to the Harney Peak and back, we rested for a little bit and drove to Black Hills because we had a train to catch. Since our little man loves trains and we miss the train ride the first time I went to South Dakota, we bought tickets to the 1880 steam train ride from Black Hills to Keystone and vice versa. And we choo-chooed the afternoon away.

After the two-hour and fifteen minutes round trip train ride, we had another gathering to go to and we were going to meet up with the family at this neat restaurant, but we had a meltdown. The little man would not go for anything because he was tired from all of the activities, plus the weather was so hot and humid, and we were all plain exhausted. We decided  not to go so we ordered pizza, then headed to Mt. Rushmore and meet up with the family there again. It was a short visit and we headed back to our room to get more rest for another long trip back to Kansas. Man! That trip was not what we expected to be. Never to take that short of a trip again with a kid or kids. It spells D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R!!! We were still glad we came though because I met some of my husband's family and they were wonderful. I just wish we had more time to spend with them. Maybe next time! 

Taking the stroller everywhere he goes. 

This was the day we were leaving South Dakota early in the morning. What a wonderful view of the buffalo crossing the road. That was the closest I have ever been to the buffalo. It freaked me out for sure!


  1. Looks cool shots...Visiting from photo challenge.

  2. South Dakota is beautiful Sis :-) beautiful family pictures too, awww love the buffalo crossing the road :-) Visiting from #59 of Project 366 BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.


  3. Ka nice ba kau sa South Dakota, thank's for sharing this:)

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  4. Very nice pictures! Another must see places here in the US :-)

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  5. wow sis perti murag dili ko kaginhawa sa kanidut sa kadaku sa mga bato... what a place... invite nya ko diha bi.. hehe..loooks fabulous.
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  6. These are all amazing pictures. the photos speak it all. that must be a fun trip. next time naa na baby girl to take the spotlight hehehe

  7. Aw Mommy A! Great travel adventure that was! Cool photos-- I absolutely love everything! I've heard about Custer State Park, and I am glad to see your snaps! Super nice jud! :)

    BPC hop ko diri!

  8. South dakota looks like a lovely place so many historical and heritage sites.you have super memory. I don't think i can remember so much details about my trip last summer


  9. That is so cool, that buffalo seems so free walking on the street. Visiting from TT Mine is here thanks Points of View of Travels and Places

  10. I remember hubby told me that we have to spent 50 years to visit 50 states of America. Each year is one state because every state has different view and history to offer and I think he is right just like what you show us here it's an awesome place I do not have any idea this place existed ^_^ Thanks for sharing Adin and the visit too I appreciate it.

    Kim, USA

  11. wow thats a pretty lodge! love all your photos sis! specially the rock formations. love it! i wish to visit that place. =)

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  12. What a nice place! I love the 2nd to the last photo. visiting from TT hope you can drop by my entry

  13. wow!!! nindota sa place oi! i hear you sis. that's why we had our first long trip katong daku2x na ang eldest nako. although plane ride to pero moandar gihapon ang tantrums... hehehe... kids! anyways, love love love this post! as if nikuyog pud ko sa inyong travel. hehehe... late bpc 59 visit.

  14. oh la la! what a great adventure...my gosh, mahadlok man sad ta ug manungag...ehehhee!

  15. wow, looks like you had a big 2-day trip at South Dakota! i would be a tad freaked out too with that buffalo herd. hehe! :D

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  17. beautiful pictures and views Sis :-) love the rooms too...my faves are the Buffalo crossing the road :-) Visiting from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.


  18. beautiful photos and my faves are those stone formations. you have a beautiful family.

  19. I am back for Tuesday Travels Mommy Adin! Did I tell you how much I love your tunnel pics? Just beautiful! :)

    Thanks for your regular TT share! I always enjoy your entry!


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