Sunday, May 27, 2012

Lucky Dou (Our Chickens)

For those of you who followed my blog, then you already know that we bought some little chicks before in an attempt to raise them for eggs. Out of all twelve of them, we only have two lucky chickens left. We are hoping these two will survive and will make it all the way through the laying eggs stage so we could have a taste of some fresh eggs before we move to a new place. Raising chickens is not something that is new to me because when I was in high school we were raising chickens as part of our school project. That was the first time I learned how to butcher a chicken and that was not fun at all.

Anyway, these chickens are not raised for meat just purely for fresh eggs because I can never eat these two cuties. They are so funny when they walk around the yard looking for something to eat and they would usually chase each other because the other one wants to have what the other chicken has. They're like competing against each other on who gets the best food first or something, and yet they are so sweet because they miss each other, they hang out together in our yard and they sleep together. Just so cute! Our dog Spink doesn't seem to bother them at all, but on the other hand, our little man gets too excited and wants to terrorize them all the time. I know! Don't worry, the chickens have gotten used to Harley messing with them.

Anyway, here are some photos of what's going on in our yard so far. Sorry, more yard photos again. 

 Not the best looking garden this year unlike the past few years we've been gardening, but it works and it provides us some fresh vegetables for sure.


We don't just have worms to worry about, but a family of rabbits are also helping themselves to our garden. Oh well! We don't spray any harsh chemicals to our garden not even using any fertilizer, so this is as organic as you can get.

Freshly harvested collard green, chard and onions.
I made some veggie soup that night and it was good! 
Have a great and safe Memorial weekend, everyone!!!


  1. wow...your little farm looks simply amazing. I love your healthy's really hard to eat them when they look so cute. We used to have 10 chickens in our little yard, my mom killed all of them and we ate them all up...I feel like a murderer now.


  2. WOW galing nmn nito..I miss eating fresh eggs and also veggies.I remembered those times we stayed at my lola she always serve a fresh veggies in the table haha..

  3. Mommy Adin-- wawa naman sina chickens, wa diay nang-survive? Sa among friend lagi wala juy namatay. As in ang 25 chicks nga ilang gi-raise, buhi tanan. Karon gud nanobra ang supply sa eggs nila. Apil ko mo-surrender sa ilang ipanghatag kay no good sa akong arthritis. LOL.

    I super love your garden/yard jud. So don't apologize! :D

    BPC hop!

  4. that's what's nice about having your own garden, you get to harvest fresh and organic veggies. before, we used to plant eggplants, ampalaya, lemon grass and cherry tomatoes in our yard, but after harvesting them, no one bothered to plant again. hahaha! gikapoy na ug tanom, namalit na lang sa market! hehehe... bpc hop here.

  5. i just love your yard and the garden Momi Adin :-) fresh veggies are organic and the best. The chickens are cute...miss ours back in the old house :-( Dropping by from BPC.

  6. Same thing with us here. In fact, we haven't planted much in the small portion that we have in the house then it is also summer already and summer heat is so harsh in this part of the planet.

  7. wow wow wow! laki na nila! hehehehe.. so cute! galeng naman mommy Adin.


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