Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Freebie Cloth Diapers From A Friend

 I was so excited when I saw these babies in the mail. I mean freebies people, freebies! These are from mommy Michell Breyer from Nebraska who makes cloth diapers, kid's clothing and other things and she is absolutely wonderful. We have not met in person yet, but she's already a good friend of mine. We talked online and I can tell she is one genuine person and I love her! She has an online shop called Bunzoo which features things that she made herself. I agreed with her that I get free diapers in exchange for my honest opinion and I can't wait to test these out. I am really excited! Thank you, mommy Michell!

 These are diapers made out of t-shirts. I know! I am not sure yet as I have not heard back from her, but I think these are waterproof as I felt like the PUL is sandwiched between the t-shirt materials. Once I get to test these out, I will show you more features about these diapers. Cute colors!

 My little girl's bum is sure going to be happy! 

 On the other note, we had another beautiful weather today and I ended up wearing shorts. My kids and me also went to a friend's house and had really good Pinoy meal.  I was very happy!

 Hope you had a great day!


  1. Lucky Momma! I wish someone would give me free stuff too! lol...they look cute and comfy though. She is getting big and beautiful!

  2. Cute top! =)

  3. sexy momma :) that's nice of you sis that you're baby is in cloth diapers. Me, wala na, ehehehe...visiting from 60/366 BPC.

  4. I love to receive free stuffs too:) That's cool! I'm sure your baby will be comfortable..

    Visiting from the challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  5. that's cool, never tried cloth diapers...i mean kanang ing-ana nga style ba nga naay waterproof thingy inside.. hehehe... i used lampin (the original cloth diaper) sa akong eldest before and disposable ones at night... but with the new baby now, maka-purdoy, sige lang diaper...hehehe... by the way, love you pose and the big hair! hehehe... bpc 60 visit.

  6. awwwwwww...nothing can beat freebie items...those are cute too...ka sexy sa mama!

  7. colorful cloth nappies! they look like they are waterproof :D let us know how it goes with those nappies ;)

    visiting you back for 366 BPC.

    ps: and yes, i can really tell spring is just around the corner ;) yay!

  8. I love freebies! cloth diapers can save you tons of money!{exag! not tons but alot} and they look cute! thanks for stopping by!

  9. Nice freebies Mommy Adin! Super useful kay naa si baby! Ah... makainggit lagi inyong weather diha oi!

    BPC hop!

  10. The diapers are cute :) Since these are cloth diapers, they are washable right? So that's a good thing for the environment, too. By the way, you look great with your top :) Thanks for the visit.

    1. Hey there, Deli! Yes, it is washable and is waterproof. :) I have been using cloth diapers for almost four months now. :) It works well! :) Thank you.

  11. yay! freebies...the best ever :-) never try cloth diaper Momi but sounds like not a bad idea though. You look good and your lil' girl is so adorable :-) Returning the visit from #60 of Project 366 BPC.

  12. ur cloth diaper is so cute! nice day here also.. pero di pa pwede mag shorts.

    late visit from BPC.. and thanks for visiting mine


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