Saturday, February 18, 2012

Project 14/366: Mushrooms

When my mom first introduced me to some wild mushrooms, I did not like it. I thought it was just wrong to eat it as it was like eating rubber. My mom really did cook it well and with flavor, but it was just me being stubborn and didn't want to try something new. I didn't give up though because I gave it a try the next time my mom went picking for some mushrooms and cooked it. She was the one that can identify the edible ones from not. Since then, I had acquired a taste for mushrooms and I love it. I love to put mushrooms in pasta, pizza, soup and in any dish that I can mix it in with. It is so good and it is also a perfect substitute for meat if you are a vegetarian, I think.

When I got here to the USA six years ago, my husband introduced me to this lovely wild mushrooms. One day he said; "Honey, let's go to the farm and look for some mushrooms to eat." I was so excited to go mushroom hunting with him as I had never seen these mushrooms before, but when I first saw these babies I was hesitant to even touch it let alone eat it. They are bright and looks like poisonous, but I was crazy enough to trust him. Well, he was right. These mushrooms were edible and good to eat.  The way he prepared the mushrooms was by breading it and frying it. Yum!

I didn't know what the name of these mushrooms at first, but the husband said they are Russula Sanguinea or they called it "Red-capped jobbers". I hope it is right, but anyway we ate these and I am still here breathing and alive.

So cute!

Look at how much we harvested!

These on the other hand are not the edible kind. They grow under the trees and they were just so pretty to look at and take pictures of. 

(Not edible) 

Enjoy the weekend!

Note: If you see a mushroom in your area that looks like this, but you are not an expert at identifying edible mushrooms from not, please don't pick it up. Make sure that you know the type of mushroom before messing with it. Just because I posted this on my blog and told you that we ate it, doesn't mean you have to eat it as well. Ask someone who knows about mushrooms because the ones you see from your area maybe a different type of mushroom and could be poisonous. It is always good to be sure and safe. Thank you!


  1. oh, i love mushrooms, too. my mom used to cook fresh mushroom with fish paste as seasoning. she's ilocana:)

    and, thanks for sharing...breaded mushrooms? hmmm, i wanna try, really.

  2. wow, lovely too i'll be hesitant in eating those, you're lucky sis coz you have your husband with you to assure you that those mushrooms are edible..
    visiting via BPc sis!!!

  3. looking beautiful in your curls Sis, adorable black dogs :-) I don't like to eat mushroom b4 until I was pregnant with my little girl and until now I loved it with my steak :-) Returning the visit from #49 of BPC.

  4. I readily noticed your dogs, too :) Nice ones you have there. I also like mushrooms :) I also learned new things from your post. Nice :) Thanks for the visit.

  5. I like mushrooms specially with chicken hehee. Visiting from photo challenge.

  6. wow.. that is so cool. i dont anything about mushrooms. im afraid to go picking coz i dont know which is which. =D. lucky ur hubby knows about it. =)

    from #49 of BPC

  7. love mushrooms too but i just buy them in store coz can't determine which is edible and not.

    Visiting for the 366BPC!

  8. I love mushrooms way back from Pinas but not here in Norway. I don't know how to identify good one. So better not to eat for safety.
    Visiting from: BPC

  9. i only eat mushrooms when it's a pizza topping or in spaghetti and when it's soup. hehehe.. i love your dogs by the way! they're very cute! late bpc 49 visit.

  10. I love mushrooms...hey, you have cute dogs. Visiting anyway from BPC #49.

    Preety kat

  11. I love mushrooms! And yes, I know how to distinguish the kinds that are edible. Mingaw na ko sa bukid namo nga daghan manubo after a strong rain over the night.

    Mommy, I love your curly hair! I am inggit. Ganahan ko ing-ana nga hair. :D

    BPC 49 visit ko diri.

    1. Mommy Rcel kaila ba mo ni mommy Michel Breyer? Maayo diay kay kamao ka mo pili ug mushrooms kung asa ang makaon or dili. That is nice! Ako kay dili maayo gani si banana kamao. Lami ra ba kaayo oi. Oo mao sad ni sya basta gani gaulan nya nagkilat mo ingon dayon si Tim the next day, tara na Adin mangita na ta ug mushrooms sa farm. hehehe... I just recently found out naa diay mushroom farm diria duol sa amoa naa daw klase2x na mushrooms barato ra ang baligya adto nya mi ganahan jud ko ay lami man gud kaunon. :)

      Mommy adto ni syang 2007 man guro ning nagpa spiral ko sa akoa buhok akoa ra amiga diria ga kulot sa buhok nako maayo iyaha pagkakulot ganahan ko. Then pagbuntis nako gipastraight nako ug balik. hehehe...Thanks!

  12. wala pako ka kita ug red mushies...ehehehe! ka domdom ko sa una when I was young...after gani ulan with kilat...ako lolo mag ingon dayon nga adto ta sa bukid...ngita ta ug mushrooms...ehehehe!

  13. Cute mushroom, hehehe. I love to eat mushroom too, but I love your dogs more.. hehehe late visit from #49BPC :


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