Saturday, February 18, 2012

Weekend In Photos: Gone Fishing

Such a late post for Sunday, but we went for a walk/fishing. The first plan was actually to go for a very long walk since I suggested it to my husband. I felt like wanting to go for a walk just for the fun of it. Since we don't have mountains where we live (Kansas), I love to just go for a very long walk for workout and for family time, but my husband said we could go try fishing as well and go to the gravel where we could fish. We did and we caught just one itty-bitty catfish and we let him go. I was going to do a blog post when we got home, but after having supper I started to get nauseated and was not feeling good at all. My husband took care of the kids and I went to bed, then I got up and my stomach was so upset I was afraid I got the tummy bug. As I am writing this now, I feel a little bit better after taking a medicine. I hope it's not coming back because I have two kids to take care of and being sick is no fun. Anyway, here are some photos.

Let's go walk and try our luck with fishing today.

She's so comfortable while being snug in the baby carrier. Mama's body is warm.

Dadda is teaching the little man how to fish. The little man on the other hand was too anxious to go fishing and could not wait to catch a fish. Later on, he got side tracked and was splashing in the cold water. Thanks a lot for scaring all the fish away. Mama didn't catch a thing. Not even a bite. LOL!

My line. 
Mama's fishing while baby Selby is in the baby carrier. 
Well, I was using the one with the fake lure and not the live bait worms. Didn't catch any, but that's okay since the fishing really is good next month.

So we went home and left the gravel bar with smiles on our faces eventhough we didn't bring home a fish. Just being out of the house and went for a walk was a well-spent evening with the family. It's a good thing.

At home with the kids and these are some photos. Thank you mommyShy for the hat. It came with a onesie as well and it is so cute. She looks like a little girl on the prairie. She will be 4 months next month.

Someone is ready to go camping.


  1. awww! fishing time with Dadda, the best ever :-) Sis, your kids are adorable :-) Returning the visit from #50 of BPC.

  2. awwwww...the family went awesome...ka cute man kau sa imong mga angels mami woi!

  3. Nice family time.. Wish we could go fishing too:(

    Visiting from BPC- hope you can stop by..

  4. beautiful photos.. from #50 BPC :

  5. haha love all the photos. napatawa ako sa last photo mo sis. ang cute.! love the 2nd photo. so precious, the 3rd photo is a keepsake, and that smile is priceless. =)

    #50 of BPC

  6. I am envious again Mommy! Sige lang mo maka-outdoor diha, kami diri bundled up permi kay puno pa mi snow. Ice fishing ang target sa mga tawo diri and I am not into it. Ang fishing nga pareho sa inyo akong gusto. Lol.

    BPC 50 visit here!

    1. hehehe.... Ice fishing sure sounds fun wala pa ko ka try mommy... mo tuskig sad ta sa katugnaw ana pod.. so far ang weather diria nindot man gud ilaag makagawas jud mi mao nakalaag mi adto sa farm the other day. I am excited next month kay makakuha mi ani ug Bass dagko kaayo nindot prituhon oi.. mingaw nako preskong isda. thanks mommy.

  7. your babies are so adorable. good parenting and lots of love go hand by hand, thanks for the visit.


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