Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project 6/366: Cripple Creek, Colorado

Last summer we went on a second vacation to Colorado and explored a lot of places that we have never been too on our first vacation. I was then pregnant with my second child and we decided to make the most out of the vacation because we were thinking that when the baby arrives we are going to stay put and just enjoy being at home this summer, but we will see.

Anyway, I wanted to share some photos of our stay in Cripple Creek, Colorado. It was once a booming mining town back in the old days and to me I call it the Mini-Las Vegas. Everywhere you go, the downtown is filled with casinos, slot machines, bars, restaurants, all types of stores, you will see old people in the streets smoking, chatting and what not. I would say it's really not your family destination, but more like a get away from your kids and just have that time with your spouse, your boyfriend or your significant other. One thing I want to share with you though is that we were going to camp out, but have not found a place to camp so we decided to rent a room for the night. We didn't want to rent a room in a hotel where there is a casino because our little boy thought that those were video game machines and he wanted to play. It became a huge problem for this boy every time we passed by the casinos and he sees all the machines. He wanted to go and play, but he can't because kids are not allowed. So we decided to not stay downtown and ended up at this Bed and Breakfast that was once a Hospital back in the old days- the Cripple Creek Hospitality Bed & Breakfast. The building was beautiful and I enjoyed looking at all the old things that were in the house. They did a great job preserving the building and you will see all sorts of things that the hospital used back then. If you love old things, then you will definitely enjoy staying at this place. I will show you more photos of the B&B on my next post, but for now I'll show you the Cripple Creek town.

 Approaching the town of Cripple Creek.

Had to stop to stretch out, get some fresh air and enjoy the beautiful weather and the view.

Downtown Cripple Creek, Colorado.

Make sure to get an early reservation if you want to visit the place. 

Cripple Creek Hospitality House
Bed & Breakfast
Cripple Creek, Colorado 
Almost 6 months pregnant.
The night got chilly so make sure to bring a jacket even if it's summer in Colorado.
It's also wise to pack a pair of rain boots especially if you love to camp.
Rain happens a lot in Colorado.

Just a little peek inside.
A really old stairs that squeaks every time you walk on it.

After securing our room for the night, we hit downtown and dined at Maggie's Restaurant. Right above was the Grande Hotel & Casino.

They have great food!
The ambiance is wonderful and we had a friendly waitress.
She was the one that told us the history about this building.
It was once a Morgue.

Gotta keep the boy busy so mama and dadda can eat.

Birthday Girl.
I always love spending my birthday in Colorado.
This would be my second time.

After dinner we explored the town a little bit and headed back to our room and rested for our next adventure.

Gotta see the choo choo train and snap a photo with the train conductor.

We thought our stay at Cripple Creek was an interesting one. We stayed at a B&B that was once a hospital and dined at a restaurant that was once a Morgue. Yes, people. A Morgue and it was a beautiful restaurant. Too bad I wasn't able to take some photos as we had to hurry and finish our meal because a little boy was helpless and ready to move. It was my birthday too so it was one reason to stop at this place, stay in a nice room with a shower and save camping for the next day. And we did! Thank you Colorado for a wonderful and colorful vacation! You continue to amaze us.


  1. Nice captures. Very historical place I may say :-) Thanks for sharing. Visiting for the 366BPC!

  2. beautiful Colorado Sis, beautiful views and pictures, thanks also for the info :-) Returning the visit from #38 of BPC.


  3. what beautiful pictures! i love it, sis! the place is old, historical, and really beautiful! :) i should invite you to a Tuesday Travels meme which I am hosting at http://www.3travelholics.com! Please stop by if you got a chance. :)

    Meanwhile, I am here for the BPC 38 visit! :)

    1. Mommy, I'd love to join next Tuesday then. :) Thanks for letting me know. :)

  4. that is such a nice little town. so green and so peaceful! i hope that town will stay like that. thanks for sharing your photos! i see the little bump. =)

    visiting #38 of BPC


  5. sounds like a very intersting place to visit..thanks for sharing these lovely pixs!

  6. Beautiful place to stay with..Nag-enjoy gyud mo sis:)

    Visiting for #38 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)


  7. what a great adventure...love all the photos!

  8. I love this kind of adventure mamiAdin...thanks for sharing!

  9. I love looking at the pictures mami adin, what a family fun adventures. why they name it cripple creek btw, are there tond of cripple people live in there? hehehehe j/k

    visitng from 366 BPC


    1. mommyShy thanks for stopping by. It said that the place got its name by a frightened calf daw who jumped off the fence and ended up crippled. hehehe...

  10. Thanks for the visit. Beautiful shots :) Very interesting post :)

  11. wow! great photos, what a fun trip and family time! thanks for the visit! visiting you back via TT..

  12. The place seems so serene and beautiful. I wonder what kind of exposure you have used in your shots. Visiting from TT.

  13. What a fabulous vacation! I am sure my children would love to go places like that. :)

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  14. beautiful family, beautiful views, beautiful pictures Sis :-) Visiting back this time from Tuesday Travels, hope that you can return the visit too.


  15. I am so glad you have finally joined, Mommy! The more the merrier man gud! And I love your travel escapades and shots! I've been to Colorado pero tamak lang kay stopover lang namo during our road trip from WI to Las Vegas. At least di na ko ma-ignorante sa view sa Colorado. :D

    Looking forward to see your share for this week! :)


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