Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Project 7/366: Zumba Class

 White shirt: Walmart Men's Hanes shirt in a pack. 
Scarf: $1 (you can tell I love this scarf so much)
Black leggings: Target under $20 can't remember exactly
Shoes: PUMA 2 years ago was on sale for $30ish? 
These shoes are mighty comfortable.
I took them to Colorado and South Dakota with me on a long hike.
Canvas Bag: Freebie

I was all giddy when I found out that there is going to be a Zumba Class in town and I wouldn't want to miss it. I have always wanted to try, but just don't want to drive to the next town for that. So last night, my family went with me and had fun at the Zumba Class. Well, my son was more like running around and had his own workout, while dadda babysat my little girl and was also doing there own thing. It was fun and I was sweating! I think I am going back again tonight and hopefully this time there will be more people. I love to try different types of workout and see what suits me and what I really like best. Aside from running, jump roping and hula hooping, I used to do belly dancing at home too and now I want to continue doing the Zumba class, hopefully! 


  1. I wanted to try Zumba, but I'm afraid I don't have the moves. LOL. I saw a Zumba basic tutorial in Youtube, and the steps it showed were the very basics, and I still couldn't follow it. Pity me. LOL. I guess I should just stick on the treadmill/eleptical and weights for my exercise regimen.

    Thanks for dropping by my blog and for the comment :)

    Hope to see you more around ;)

  2. I tried Zumba but only on demand on cable. Sometimes they have portions on it on Fitness tv. It really makes you sweat. Good for you to have it in your area. Visiting for the BPC!

  3. Mami adin ug silingan pa ta no mamugos jd ko ug kuyug nimu sa zumba dance, maayo paka mami adin do naay outlet. i ikid ikid lng da wala ang kapoy sa lawas, puli pamaul nga lami hehehe

  4. awww! ready for Zumba class Sis, I love Zumba too, some of my friends try it and it sounds so fun. Visiting from # 39 of BPC. hope that you can return the visit too.


  5. I've heard those classes are all types of fun...maybe after the baby gets here, I can check one out.

  6. wow! how cool mamiAdin...I've been wanting to do that...wish we live near you para naa ko kauban...lol!

  7. I never heard about that in here...You look great. Visiting from the challenge.

  8. wow! I sometimes followed on Youtube the Zumba dance. I hope I can join the actual class too. :)

  9. i love zumba! i wasn't able to do it in a while now, though.. but I would love to do it every morning again. you look fab! thanks for the visit..

  10. It is definitely a good exercise. Never try it yet:)

    Visiting for # 39/365 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)


  11. Yeah, love the scarf! I especially like the one you made from old clothes...I feel like ripping some old clothes to make one. lol

  12. Looking fab! I don't know about Zumba, I'm such not a dancer just not for me.. I'm doing crunches instead :-) and chasing my young one...thanks for visiting!

  13. I so love your scarf, Mommy! I bet you're getting sexier na dyan kasi on Zumba class ka pala! :) Nice break!

    BPC 39 stopover here!

  14. its fun to do zumba with other people. u look great sis!

    visiting from #39 of BPC! here is my share


  15. sporty outfit! you look gorgeous! Sharing to you My 39/366 BPC.


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