Sunday, February 12, 2012

Project 9/366: Weekend In Photos (Our Simple Dining Area)

Our house is not very fancy at all, but more like simple with a mix of old and new things.  Like I said, I like old things or Vintage things and I am excited to surround our house with tons of beautiful old things. Right now I cannot have things in the house that  easily breaks because I have two kids, so far now it is a work in progress and I am keeping my eye on more Vintage items to add into our house and hopefully someday I get to paint our wall in a new paint color. I am thinking cream or light yellowy paint, then if I get to do that I would also love to replace our window treatment. That is if I can convince my husband to paint our wall. We will see! For now, this is how our place looks like. Simple and homey! 

My Sunday is spent pretty much cleaning the house and still I am not done. I moved all of my son's toys back into his room, but it needed more space so I took his table out of his room and placed it on the corner of our dining area. The table is a freebie from a friend of mine, it's a vintage kid's table and the chair (which happens to match the table) was a thrift find for about 50cents, if I remembered it right. I actually bought two vintage chairs and the other one was pink and it's perfect for my little girl. There you go! My little man has his own space in our dining area.

That Old Lincoln Log container was my husband's when he was a little kid. It has few pieces of the Lincoln Logs, but sadly the rest of them are gone. The piece on the wall was from my mother-in-law and I love it!

Awe! Look at him. So excited about his new space.

Talking about old/vintage items, the bowl with the vase was from a secondhand store years ago and that table runner was from my mother-in-law. We accumulated a lot of things from my mother-in-law when she moved to the Manor. If only she's still around, I am sure she would appreciate me taking care of her things and putting them to good use.

This dress form I found at the rummage sale here in town for about $10. It's dressed up with a vintage apron (from my mother-in-law again) and vintage hat for $5. The green jewelry box is a vintage of course and so as those two frames behind the dress form. I love old things so much that the next thing you know I would look vintage as well.

The jewelry armoire again was from my MIL. The frame on the wall are pictures of my husband and me along with some of my friends when he visited me to the Philippines and it was our first meeting. 

This house is actually built around and old house so the walls are not even and some areas are just so awkward, but we made it into a home.My husband purchased this property years ago because of its huge yard and it used to be an orchard.  I hope you enjoyed your visual tour of our simple dining area.
Enjoy the rest of the day!


  1. It looks pretty and same our house also old inside are wood walls hehee. Visiting from the challenge.

  2. pareha ta mommy adin, we got most f our stuffs from MIL and some of them were hand me downs from friends,

    Visiting from 43/366 BPC

  3. I like the vintage table and the matching chair for your son :) Nice :) Thanks for the visit. Glad that you would like to explore Bohol next time you visit the Philippines. Have a great day :)

  4. Simplicity is beauty I love all the vintage that you have showed off. Ang ganda mommy A visiting you back

    Points of View of Travels and Places

  5. Vintage pod ang pagka shots...nice. Visiting from BPC.

  6. Vintage are great collection, Mommy:)

    Visiting from the Challenge #43/ 365 BPC! Hope you can stop by:)

  7. nice...i love your armoire. i need some thing like that for my abubots.:p

  8. Your place looked cozy. I like vintage too :-)

    Visiting for the 366BPC!

  9. Very home-y! It has a touch of Pinoy that reminds me of Pinas :)

  10. beautiful dining room Sis, so clean and looks like a peaceful home :-) Visiting from #43 of BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  11. Your dining area is very organized Mommy Adin. Kasmi dito nagiging homework area ang dining room lol. Ala kaming art room kaya dito kami gumagawa ng projects.

  12. I love simple areas, mommy! It makes me feel at home. Sa mga richness kaayo nga mga houses, makapanginto ko motamak. Murag hadlok ilihok ba. LOL. We just live in an apartment so ours is even simpler. Taga-bukid kaayo mi diri ug porma and it's okay. LOL.

    BPC visit ko diri. Try the Cassava Cake. I make it almost every weekend and bring it to church for our potluck dinner. The people at church love it, mao pinakauna mahurot sa dessert section and they keep on asking me for a recipe for it. :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by mommy. I almost did, but I looked at the recipe and figured out that if I was going to make it, it will be a huge batch of cake and afraid it will go to waste so I didn't. Next time adto mi sa Asian store I will buy me some ingredients. I love cassava cake. It's been a while since I had some. :)

      Simple ra jud ning balay namo mommy ang akoa bana dili gusto ug dakong balay... gusto mi kana sa bukid mo puyo or out in the country. Ug naa pa lang igo nga money mo palit unta mi sa property na riverfront out in the country nindot kaayo bisan gamay ang balay mas gamay pa sa amoa pero nindot ang location. hehehe.. Perting magkagubot ning balay oi kay naa naman anak.. hehehe.. it's always nice when you feel at home and comfy sa balay. Thanks! :)

  13. Simple and beautiful... it's pretty obvious jud na you like vintage things... i'm the opposite, i love the contemporary... hehehe... pero nice sya ha... okay lang gamay ang balay, as long as it's a home where you spend time with your loved ones. late visit for bpc 43

  14. i like ur dining sis. it feels home! i see a lot of happy moments in those 4 corners. unsaon man ang balay nga grandacious kaau oi kung wala puy happy moments.

    visiting #43 of bPC!
    thanks for visiting mine

  15. beautiful dining room Sis :-) Visiting late this time from MYM, hope that you can return the visit too.

  16. very nice and clean dining room..
    Hope you could visit me here Wifey Online Diary


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