Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Project 11/366: Cripple Creek Hospitality House & RV Park

Like as promised, I am sharing you photos of the place that we stayed at Cripple Creek, Colorado. This place is beautiful and if you are like me who love old things, then this is the place to be. You can take photos of everything old and unique items that you may have never seen before. Some of the items that the hospital used before are on display, old photos, etc. Absolutely beautiful in its own old way. Here are some photos;

It used to be a hospital (hence the name hospitality house) back in the old days. I think when we were there this place was on sale. They did a pretty good job taking care of the place. They have a separate hot tub on the side of the building.

Pregnant mama.

Our room for the night.

Inside the room.

This reminds me of my grandma's dresser, armoire, or whatever you call it.

This old wheelchair was used before in this hospital.
This was sitting right in front of our RECOVERY room.

Heading out to the downtown area to grab a bite to eat. Hungry mama I was. I love that huge painting behind me.

I am in love with that pink lamp.

The hallway upstairs.

It's nice to sit here in the morning with a cup of hot chocolate or coffee and enjoy the view. Or check Facebook. Yes, they do have free Wi-Fi, people. More awesomeness!

Look at that wallpaper! I love it. I think she said that is the original wallpaper. 

I was looking around downstairs and I had to ask the lady if it is okay to take photos. I had to look at that sewing machine as it reminds me of my grandmas really old sewing machine.

Look at that sewing machine!
It's beautiful in its antique way.

And of course someone was fake sleeping. He was so fascinated the fact that it was a new place and there were lots of places to explore. He was all over the building going up and down the stairs and I had to watch him while dadda was taking care of everything. So silly little boy!

I hope you enjoyed your virtual tour of the Hospitality House. Enjoy the rest of the day! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY, EVERYONE!!!


  1. Wow! So fascinating, Adin. I would love to stay in this place too if ever I'm in Colorado ;)

  2. wow! thanks for the tour, I enjoyed the virtual trip and wish I could also see the actual place. nice place and great shots! Happy Valentine's Day!

  3. Beautiful captures of this delightful place. Thanks for the virtual tour.

  4. Lovely photos. A very special house!
    Happy Valentine to you!

  5. What a beautiful place! Thanks for taking us there. Beautiful photos, Adin.

  6. awesome it is... i wish i could come and see it for myself...

    thanks for the visit..:)

  7. Wow so nice place...Visiting from the challenge.

  8. Are you editing your photos that it looks like something old looking? I want to know if you did some editing or was it in your cam? Thanks.

  9. i like the old world charm of the place. and, yes, that sewing machine is interesting.

  10. beautiful pictures and views Sis :-) Returning the visit from #45 of BPC.


  11. I love the place...thanks for visiting! I hope you guys had a wonderful valentines day!

  12. beautiful pero wala bang multo? lol. Visiting from BPC #45.

    Pretty kat

    1. That's the reason why I woke up in the morning so tired and felt so heavy because I was freaking out. hahahaha.... I could not go to sleep really well and I kept waking up looking around. I had to turn the light on so it won't be total darkness inside. hehehe... But it was fine. Wala man nuon ko na feel or nakita. Siguro naa pero wala ko gipafeel.. hahaha maayo rapod kay juntits raba ko that time... makaanak nya ko ug ahat. hehehe...
      thanks for stopping by.

  13. that's a pretty place... di ba hadlok?? kay ang hospital sa akong hubby, naa pa man jud gihapon mga "not like ours" hehehe.. happy valentines. bpc 45 visit

  14. beautiful place sis! love the color of the house, red, yellow, and green. i love old stuff too, but i dont think i would stay in an old house. hehehe. medyo slightly open ang aking 6th sense. u know what i mean, hahaha. talawan gits.

    visiting from BPC

  15. opz. i send the wrong link. here is the right one...


    #45 of BPC

  16. wow, murag mahadlok man siguro ko mag stay diha...ehehhee...ka nice sa place bya kay well maintained kau....:)

  17. Wow! That is no doubt a great place to check out and check in! An old hospital turned into a hotel then? Really cool! I would really love to check out and check in this place when a Colorado trip happens for us! :)

    Thanks for the tour, mommy! ;-)

    BPC visit here!

  18. Old sewing machines = grandma. My thoughts, exactly. ;)


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