Sunday, February 26, 2012

Weekend In Photos: Family Day

Not much traveling going on in this family lately, but we made sure to spend more family time together anyway. We had a great weekend though! We hope yours was a great one! 

There was a little bit of crafting.....

and playing with dadda out in our yard.

Beautiful weather for everybody to get out of hibernation.

 (We got this old style dance pad thingy as a gift years ago, so we got that out of the hiding and made use of it.)

Mama got to clean up a little bit and made room for some dance pad dancing.... 

....while this little bee was enjoying her walker time.

 A little man requested to play Penguin game on the computer,
then later on...

...there was some baking in the kitchen,

and this silly little man was my helper. 
We enjoyed some freshly baked homemade bread. 

 Later in the day the mail man knocked at the door, and mama's got a package!!!!
Want to see what's inside? I'll show you later!


  1. what a happy and wonderful family time you got there mommy adin. daddy ang daughter bonding and HF had his own thing, looking so serious hehehehe. i wish the weather will always be like this till spring right

    Here is my 366 BPC

  2. wow enjoyed your photos.. what a happy family! God bless you dear. coming from BPC.

  3. Such a wonderful family day you had spent together!

  4. you have wonderful kids with a wonderful husband. you're lucky Adin. Looking forward what's inside the box. Lol. Visiting from BPC#57.

  5. looks like a simple but beautiful weekend, nothings beats spending time with family. I love those outdoor pictures, so lovely. Can't wait to see what's inside the package!


  6. was that pandesal? yum! u got urself some artist there. I agree with Mongs, nothing beats family time, hayz, na miss ko tuloy si hubby. nasa ibang state kasi. bpc drop!

  7. what a family day!!! excited to see what's inside the package! and your yard??? so big! hehehe.. bpc 57 visit!

  8. What a fun-filled weekend!

    Thanks for the visit, sis.

  9. Family time is always the best:)

    Visiting from the challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  10. awwwwwwww....looks like you guys had a wonderful those yellow sandal....:)

  11. That is nice. Happy family!

    Visiting for 366BPC!

  12. Mommy A-- makaibog man inyong panahon diha oi kay maka-shorts shorts naman lang. Pastilan diri all wrapped up pa kaayo mi. Wishing for warm days na jud mi. Happy everybody kaayo mo diha! I am drooling on the bread, murag lami jud kaayo. And yes, I want to see what's in the package! (Nindot man kaayo mo family name oi!) :)

    BPC visit!

  13. wow sounds like a great day! i love bonding moments of father and son. i wish hubby have time pero busy dyud sya. cge nalang. hehe

    from BPC

  14. what a busy day with the family, the best bonding ever Sis :-) your house looks huge :-) love the dance thingy, a great work out too :-) Returning the visit from #57 of Project 366 BPC.

  15. sounds like you had a full weekend :) oh well, weekend is again fast approaching ;) ain't that something really worth looking forward to? ;)


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