Saturday, February 25, 2012

Morning With My Girl

It's my little girl's turn this time and this is what my morning looks like. We didn't get to go to church today because dadda is not feeling well. I hope mama and the kids won't get it. Get well, dadda. Anyway, my little girl is three months and a half now, and so far she is one happy, healthy baby. My little girl is attempting to roll on her tummy, she likes to be in her walker, she loves watching her big brother play, and she loves to watch her Baby's First Words DVD. She is in fact eating solid and right now I am feeding her rice cereal mixed with avocado. She loves it! Yummy! I have not seen any irritations or allergies so far, so I'm really happy she is fine. I love this girl! 

Breakfast time!


We have had some beautiful weather lately and Mr. Sun was out so I had the chance to wash all of her cloth diapers and these were some of them that are already clean ready to use. This is where I store my diapers right now. I purchased these bins at Dollar General for $5 and it works really well.

One of the vintage dresses I got her that I bought from a yard sale. It is so darn cute! 
I call it "my little sailor girl". I can't wait until she gets to wear it. I know she would look really cute. It is a size 18 months, so I know she still has long ways to go before she gets to wear it. I am excited to buy more cute vintage clothes for her. Enjoy the rest of the day. Have a great weekend! 


  1. she's beautiful!
    she clearly loves her breakfast and she has a wonderful smile

    stylish diapers

  2. I think she got your eyes Momi :-) your little girl is precious, her smile is contagious, never try diaper clothing :-) that is economical, her vintage dress is lovely :-) Returning the visit from #56 OF BPC.

  3. She is so cute! I love vintage dresses! kisses to your little one~ have a blessed Sunday!

  4. she is such a cutie! love that smile! thanks for the visit, for a bpc entry you visited a long time ago! haha!

  5. She is indeed a very healthy and happy baby:) So adorable!

    Visiting from the challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. My goodness she is a real little doll ! and that vintage sailor girl dress is going to be wonderful on her ! .. I am amazed with you doing cloth diapers like that .. you are a super mom : )
    I stopped by through you visiting my shadow shot, thank you !
    PS .. Your weekend was a lovely family one : )

  7. what a precious little girl...I love those giggles...nice dress mami!

  8. She is a real doll Mommy! Super cutipie jud oi! Samot ka-cute ug magkabulingit! I'm sure she makes your world happier and more blissful, along with the big brother. BTW, Saturday mo naga-church Mommy? Saturday man gud ni nga entry and and you said you didn't go to church today. Just wondering kay Sabado pud mi nagasimba.

    BPC visit ko diri diay, late! :D

    1. Mommy oo Saturday sa Seventh-day Adventist church mommy Rcel. Layo2x man gud mi diria mag one hour ang church mommy sa Joplin mao usahay dili jud mi kasimba. Thank you for the comment! :)

  9. I can already picture your little girl wearing that sailor dress. Fashionista like Mommy :)


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