Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Road Trip: Creede, Colorado

You must be very tired now of me  posting photos of our Colorado trip, but trust me I am almost done with it. It's just that we explored a lot of places in Colorado last summer that I have some things to share with you just in case you plan on visiting the state. 

Our second to the last destination before heading out of Colorado was this small town surrounded by beautiful scenery and mountains- the town of Creede, Colorado. Now let me share you some photos of this tiny, yet interesting town. 


The moment you come in to town, you are greeted with such a lovely view of the mountains.

One busy town this is. 

Make sure to have a reservation when you plan on staying in town. The rooms were filled, restaurants were busy, the stores were flocked with shoppers, the streets were crowded, just one busy town of Creede, Colorado during the peak of the summer. 

I love this store. They had some really neat things. I was going to buy a beautiful scarf, but I ended up empty handed.

Typical Colorado weather. We came in to town a bit late so all of the rooms are all booked and we had to find a place to stay for the night or we are staying in our vehicle. Luckily, we found  a free campsite and we camped out.

It is an underground museum and store which features all types of rocks and minerals. You can buy some to make your own jewelries and stuff. Just lovely!
There is also an underground tour of the mining area or something like that, which we didn't get to go since our boy was not a fan of it. We were afraid that once we get in to one of those rides that the boy might start to panic or something. He had enough of traveling that he just wanted to run around and play.

It was close when we got there so we had to come back the next day to explore.

This is what he was up to. He was fascinated by all the tamed chipmunks at that area and how they will eat food off of your hands, he did not want to go anywhere, but stay there and feed or force feed them chipmunks. He loved it so much that he was asking us to go back to Colorado and buy a chipmunky (chipmunk).

I just had to take a photo!

Let's explore the town!

Six months pregnant.

Jicky Jack's Cafe
Creede, Colorado.

We had some really good fresh smoothies, but did not like the burritos so much. I think I had the Southwest burrito since it had rice and some veggies I like, but was not too crazy about the taste. I was pregnant and hungry I could not wait for another minute I had to eat.

Ops! Excuse my outfit. It was cold and wet hat to get warm and comfortable.

He was so hungry the next morning, he took care of himself and had some wild rice and beef steak with mushrooms for breakfast. The best steak we have ever had. So good!

One muddy Jeep!

Since it rains a lot in Colorado, our poor Jeep was really dirty. 
This was our last day and we headed our way to the Great Sand Dunes National Park & Preserve. Hope you like the virtual tour of Creede, Colorado. Have you been there before? 


  1. this is really cool. i was looking at the mountains behind and they look like they're not real but they are. never been to a mining museum yet

    i'm doing the rounds on behalf of my hubby's blog :D nways his link for BPC is up see u there :D

  2. awesome pictures sistah, thanks for the virtual tour.. was here for 81 BPC :)

  3. cute little town you live Momi :-)love the pictures of your lil' man feeding the chipmunks :-) mura tugnaw man kaau sa Colorado, d ba? Visiting from #81 0f BPC, hope that you can return the visit too.

  4. i think my lil girl will love feeding the chipmunks. i so love the mountain views.

    bpc hop:

  5. Beautiful views especially the mountain..

    Visiting for #81 challenge- hope you can stop by:)

  6. I don't get tired looking at photos you share, Adin. I actually enjoy it because it's like having a virtual tour of the place, and I'm able to get an idea and tips of which places here in the States to visit ;) Those slopes look pretty. Skiing was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the mountains :D Good that your little boy wasn't scared of the chipmunky! :D

  7. pagka nice sa lugar...ang swerte mo Adin kay naka abot ka diha...when kaya ko maka laag anang lugara KUK. Thanks sa virtual tour, nag enjoy ko sa mga photos...Thanks for the BPC visit pod..hehehe

  8. wow! I love the town...the buildings are very colorful...murag fake lang tan-awon...ehehehe! such a great adventure mamiAdin...thanks for sharing all these photos!

  9. I would also love to visit colorado! Was here for TT, I appreciate if you visit my entry

  10. wow!! thats worth going! Colorado is such a beautiful State. love the sceneries and the little towns.. its just awesome.

    from BPC

  11. Wow! Well, trust me Mommy Adin-- I never get tired of watching photos from your trip! I love adventure myself and so I truly enjoyed this set of your Colorado trip! Super nice the place oi! I hope to visit and explore a huge part of Colorado someday! Nice jud didto ba. Sexy man kaayo ka nga preggy oi. Ako karon, olnly 5 months, pero tambok na kaayo. Ouch! Lol.

    BPC hop!

  12. wow! what a trip! love the chipmunk! i thought sa Philippines lang ang wrong spelling ang mga signage. hehehe... i would love to try camping out soon... nice jud siguro na. bpc 81 hop

  13. I wish to visit the beautiful state of Colorado someday...thanks for sharing your pics mamiAdin...tawon, si Harley...hehehhee!

    visiting from TT!

  14. beautiful little town you live Momi :-) beautiful views and pictures too :-) love the mineral rocks, that is very interesting :-) Visiting from Tuesdays Travel, hope that you can return the visit too.

  15. great pictures! your little one's not afraid of squirrel huh ;-) very late visit from TT

  16. love that blue sky...and yeah...yung mountain..
    Visiting late from BPC81..have a nice day!

  17. Visiting back for last week's TT, Mommy Adin! And I never get tired of looking at your beautiful pictures! Please continue joining; I always enjoyed your share! :)


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